Peaking out from behind the curtains…

I’m working on part 13 of Twisted Delights. Yes, Actually WRITING! It’s been difficult to get back to a more normal schedule. I’ve got my calendar, meetings, housework and crafts back in order. (okay, Sort of in order!) Now it is time to write. 🙂 Oh, and to get caught up on other peoples blogs!  One of the best things was when I checked on my blog stats. I expected to see maybe 10 people had stopped by as it has been so long. Instead, I’ve had lots of people reading all sorts of stories. It made my day.

Wolf has his office set up, and mine is pretty comfy, even if it is just a spot next to the bed. I’m sticking my headphones on and I’m going to tickle that muse until she starts filling my head.

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