New story… some dragons…

Ana realized she was panting. Her body throbbed and ached with need. Her nipples were tight nubs under her clothes. Holding her thighs tight, she tried to ease the ache deep inside. It wasn’t doing any good. The heat crept up her belly, and she squirmed in the chair.

Pushing the chair back, she stood up and walked away from the computer. The breeze played across her skin as she walked to the window. Outside, the field stretched forever. The forest thrust into the edge of the field, spilling dark shadows deep inside. The field rippled with the breeze, and she closed her eyes.

This isn’t helping!” Ana walked out of the library and out into the sun. The heat hit her and soaked through her clothing. Stripping off the linen sounded better and better, but she didn’t dare. There were too many people around. Sweat began to bead on her skin. It collected and ran down her body. Between her breast, down the crack of her ass and her thighs were wet. Ana wanted to run, but she had to keep up appearances. Walking at a steady pace, her thighs became wetter and wetter. The throbbing need inside grew. She headed for the garden.

An hour of pulling weeds, hauling compost and water settled Ana’s mind. The dinner gong rang and she headed for the hall. Greeting people with smiles and nods, she picked up her plate and filled it with stew, salad and bread. The mug of spring water was cool in her hand. She sat down next to Micha.

“Good evening.”

“Hello. How is the research going?”

“Interesting. Difficult, and so much of it. I never knew.”

Micha nodded. “I’ve heard that it is an exhaustive body of work. I admire your efforts. Your strength of character.”

Ana smiled weakly. She didn’t feel strong. They ate their dinner.

“His hands slid over her body, pinching and squeezing as they moved. His cock thrust up into her body, making her mewl with need. She cried out in orgasm, writhing against her bonds. Another cock filled her mouth, silencing her cries.”

Ana’s hand moved down between her thighs, trying to stem the ache. Her hips arched as she rubbed harder. She whimpered and then bit her lip to silence herself. She closed her computer and walked down to the baths. Checking to see it was empty, she dropped her gown and stepped into the cool water. Ana swore that it sizzled as she waded deeper into the pool. When she reached a bench, she sat, and the water came up to her chin. Reaching between her thighs, she touched herself. Fingers rubbed against her clit, the heat that waited exploded. Her hand was engulfed in hot fluids and her mind floated with pleasure.

Ana walked back to the study area, hair dripping, but her mind relieved and body quiet. She opened her computer to a document and wrote more on the report. As she worked, she felt her body heat up once more, and longed for the cool water to slack her desires. Ana smiled briefly. Desires were what she was studying. Her paper was to be a report on human sexuality seen from a series of viewpoints. The purpose was to facilitate counseling and understanding of the human condition. Halfway through her paper, she realized that she needed a reference. With trepidation, she went back to the Internet.

“His cock ached. Looking at Zelda, he realized that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. She dropped her towel and knelt between his thighs. Her mouth wrapped around his cock, and licked him until he was slick. Then he lifted her up, and as she straddled him, he lowered Zelda down onto his cock.”

Ana moaned. She stopped it as fast as she could, but wasn’t sure if anyone heard her. Looking around, she saw no one. Jittery, but relieved, she went back to her paper. “I must not get distracted. I must not!”

Micha walked past the library, and saw that a light was still on in one of the stacks. Walking quietly, he saw that it was Ana. Her fingers flew over the keys, and she glanced at her notes from time to time. He watched. Ana looked at her notes and then switched screens. He couldn’t see what was on the computer, but he saw the effect of what she was reading. Her body wriggled. She became more and more distracted, and her hand crept into her lap. His cock hardened as she touched herself. When she moaned, he shuddered. His cock twitched and spurted.

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