Need (2)

Twice more in as many days he crept into the library to watch Ana. She would write, and then then switch screens. He knew she must be on the Internet. A few minutes later, she would begin to squirm, and touch herself. As she rocked and tried to keep her moans quiet, he had his own difficulties. Tonight, he’d almost been caught when she suddenly stood up and left. He didn’t follow her, but instead waited and then went to read what was on her computer.

“She wanted to be fucked. Fucked hard. To know how it felt to be pierced by a thick warm cock. To understand how it felt to give everything to another individual. She needed to feel hot hands on her breasts, teeth on her nipples and lips kissing her roughly. She wanted an orgasm that was more than just the play of her own fingers.”

Micha felt his heart beating rapidly, and his cock about to burst. He heard a noise and moved as fast as he could back into the shadows. A moment later, Ana came back and sat at her computer. She seemed calmer and began to write.

Ana felt as if she was being watched. She’d looked around, but found no one. Turing back to her paper, she proof read it. She was nearly finished, and once she posted it, she could concentrate on her garden once more. Hopefully, she could concentrate and stop having to relieve her aches in the cool dark pool. Biting her lip, she bent to the task.

Micha shifted to ease the ache in his balls and cock. Watching Ana filled him with need. Desire. Feelings that he thought well reined in. Feelings he didn’t want to admit to on any level. He took a deep breath and was in the act of walking away when he heard a low moan. Instinctively, he turned and headed for Ana.

Ana had needed one more bibliography source. She’d told herself that she wouldn’t read the blog. Yet there was another installment on a story she’d been following for weeks. She wrote down the source, and then started to read the story.

“He walked into her office and took her by the shoulders. ‘You’re mine!’ he said in a voice that made her tremble. He kissed her roughly as his hands pulled at her clothing. She nodded in agreement, her lips sealed to his. Buttons popped and the sound of silk tearing filled the quiet office. He swept her desk clear and pushed her down. Tearing off her panties, he thrust his fingers deep in her pussy. She was wet. Soaked. Smiling, he traded his fingers for his cock. Grabbing her hips, he thrust harder and harder as pencils, papers and the phone slid off the desk.”

Ana was instantly hot. Her body ached for release, but she knew that the baths were occupied. She looked around, saw no one and went back to reading. Her hand moved down between her thighs and began to move back and forth.

“He flipped her over and pressed her breasts against the cold glass of the desk. He thrust his fingers inside her wet pussy and smeared her juices up across her ass.

‘No! Please, no!’

He laughed. ‘I said you were mine. All mine.’

She writhed and tried to get away. Her struggles made his cock swell. His hand came down hard on her ass, and spanked her. Gasping, she hated the fact that her pussy was dripping more juice down her thighs. Her traitorous body wanted this. She tried to raise up, but the sweat from her body had pinned her to the glass. She felt pinned, and soon was as his cock coated in her juice thrust into her ass.”

Ana moaned. She bit her lip, and looked around once more. Taking a deep breath, she went back to her paper. Once she finished, she would go back to the story. Forty-five minutes later, she had posted the paper to her superiors. She had an hour left before anyone would complain about the late night computer use. She went back to the story.

Micha ached as he never had before. That moan from Ana had nearly undone his control. He’d walked away, and tried to calm down. Nothing was working. He headed back to the library, and moved to a stack just behind Ana.

She was in a daze. Her clothes torn, and her body filled with cum. It dripped down her thighs, making them slick, and still her body wanted more. She didn’t understand why. He’d spanked her, fucked her ass and her pussy and she wanted more. He’d walked off after straightening his clothes. Not knowing what else to do, she picked up the stuff that had fallen off of her desk and cleaned things up. When she was finished, she looked around. Nothing was out of place, so she headed home.

The next day, her boss called her into the office. When she entered, he was holding something in his fingers. ‘Can you tell me why I found a number of buttons on the floor?’

She blinked. Her buttons. How had she forgotten to pick them up? ‘Um, no sir.’

‘Oh really? Jefferson! Come in here!’

Jefferson strode into the room, a smile on his face. ‘Yes?’

‘Can you explain why Miss Wilson’s buttons were all over the floor?’

‘Of course. I raped her at her desk last night after work. She must have forgotten to pick them up.’

She couldn’t believe that he’d betray her like that! Her face went red, and she turned to hit him. The blow never fell as a hand grabbed her wrist. She struggled, but the sound of male laughter confused her. Her hands were pulled behind her back and once more, she found herself face down on the desk. Her skirt was pulled up and cool fingers began to probe her tender pussy.


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