Need (3)

Ana gulped. She knew that her whole body was on fire. Even though she’d written a paper on sexuality, she still didn’t understand it. Her fingers pinched her breast through her gown. Her thighs were soaked. She wriggled in her seat, and a moan escaped her lips.

Micha could stand it no longer. He moved from the stacks and pulled Ana up from her seat. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips. At first she stood there and then she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. His cock pressed hard against her stomach, and they both moaned.


“I… we… we shouldn’t.”

“I can’t… let me close…” Ana gestured towards the computer. Micha let go of her and she turned off the computer and then took him by the hand and they slipped out into the night. Ana headed towards the barn, keeping to the shadows. Once inside, she headed up into the loft. Once there, she dropped her headscarf and pulled off her gown. Seeing her naked, Micha didn’t spend any time pulling off his own tunic and trews.

They laid down on top of their clothing, hands exploring and mouths locked together. Ana guided Micha’s hands to her breasts and then down to her pussy, which was soaked. He moaned as his fingers slipped deep inside. She writhed and wriggled.

“Put… put your cock inside me.” She spread her legs wide and he moved between them. Wiping his fingers on his cock, he moved until the head was right at the opening.

“Are…are you sure?” he gasped, not wanting to stop, but still unsure.

“Yes!” she pulled him towards her and his cock slammed through her hymen and deep into her pussy. She cried out in a moment of pain and then was overwhelmed by the pleasure that followed. All the pent up frustrations flooded her body.

Micha had hesitated for a second as she cried out, and then his mind went blank as his body drove his cock faster and faster. It didn’t take long before his balls tightened and then spurted his juices deep inside of Ana. He was frozen with pleasure, but Ana whimpered and rocked with need.

“What do I do?”

“Touch me there.” She guided his hand to her clit, and moved it back and forth until he figured it out. She relaxed as his fingers moved faster and faster. Her body arched and she shuddered to orgasm, with his cock still deep inside.

Twenty minutes later, they lay there talking. Their hands traced over the body of the other, exploring. Ana told him what she’d learned, and he soaked it in.

“He spanked her and she liked it?”

“Yes. Reading about it made me wet. Made me want to experience it.”

“What else did they do?”

Ana explained to an increasingly curious Micha. He pulled her over his lap, and spanked her ass. She tried to keep quiet, but squeaked with each stroke. When he’d counted twenty, he touched her. His fingers slid in easily, and she wriggled. He touched her clit, and she exploded in orgasm. His cock bumped against her belly. She laughed.

They tried all the positions Ana could remember. He passed out briefly when she sucked his cock. Ana loved it when he licked her pussy. He spanked her again, and as the juices coated his hand, he ran them over her ass and slid a finger up inside. Ana was a little hesitant, but after a moment or two, she moved up and down on his finger. She moaned and he pulled her closer and used his other hand to finger her pussy and clit. She came explosively. He slid his cock inside her pussy and when he was soaking with juices, he pulled out and pushed into her ass.

Ana cried out as his cock was much bigger than his fingers, but the pain lessened and he began to play with her clit. She rocked faster and faster and his hips thrust deep into her tight ass. Her pussy had felt good, but her ass was so much tighter. It didn’t take long for him to explode.

An hour later, they slowly crept out of the barn and headed down to the baths. Checking to see that they were deserted, they cleaned up and headed back to their dorms. Micha fell asleep on his narrow cot almost instantly. Ana lay awake, touching herself slowly under the sheets.

Daimon read the paper and smiled. He looked over where Gea stood. “You know, this works so much better than a sex ed class.”

“Yes, and it is much better to watch.” Gea motioned towards the computer and the security tape from the barn.

“How long will we let this pair run around before they get paired off?”

“Oh, give it a few weeks. These two are entertaining. They tried everything. Much better than Penn and Thom.”

Daimon laughed. “I have to agree. Care to watch a bit more?”

“No, I’d much rather be fucked by you.” She smiled and walked towards him.

“Desk? Couch?”

“Oh, desk sounds good.”

Tera ignored the sound of pencils hitting the floor. She turned up her music and went back to her typing.

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