The sun was peaking out of the clouds as Lynne grabbed her gloves and bucket. Tucked in the pocket of her Carhart jeans was her phone, loaded up with music to keep her entertained as she worked in the garden. She popped the earbuds in and turned on the music. Peter Moon’s Band began to play Tight and Trippy. She smiled as Quin always called it her song.

She’s tight & trippy, a modern urban hippie
soft & smooth & slippery and hard to figure out
but she’s wise & willing, a hip hop voodoo chillun’
I wanna be there with her when she’s goin’ down

Lynne rocked to the music, pulling weeds and clearing out the vegetable beds. After all the chaos of the last few months, it felt good to do ‘normal’ things. Off to one side, Quin started up the roto tiller, and began to dig the bigger garden. She waved, and watched him for a few moments. Muscles straining beneath the teeshirt that was a little too tight, and that ass. She loved watching him work. Lusted watching him work. Lynne sang along with the chorus.

every word that she whispers is magic *
as she trips thru my mind like a song
she’s so terribly hip that it’s tragic
she knows what’s right, she holds on tight she makes me strong

Quin could hear Lynne singing slightly off key. He laughed softly. It was her song, and one that fit her so well. He found himself mumbling along with the next part.

all my friends and my brother would really love to love her
but she terrifies my mother with her pentagram tattoo
she’s always behind something, a picket sign or a late night clubbing
she’ll save the world and shake it for the evening news

He put his mind to working the garden as he thought about everything that had changed in the last few months. While the changes were temporary, they weren’t as soul destroying as they first felt. New home, changes in work and lots of heartache. Lynne was singing the last bit of the song, pulling weeds in time to the music.

every word that she whispers is magic
as she trips thru my mind like a song
she’s so terribly hip thsat its tragic
she knows what’s right, she holds on tight she makes me strong

I hang on every word she says, i’m so glad she’s here with me
I would never wanna hold her down, but she says I make her feel free

Quin smiled thinking about their D/s dynamic, which the song had brought to mind. Maybe they’d play tonight. He felt better than he had in a while, and he knew she was horny. The work pants she wore hung on her hips, and she practically danced as she carried the bucket full of weeds to the compost. When she bent over, her shirt hung lose enough to give him a glimpse of her breasts. His cock stirred.

Hours later, the two of them stood looking at the work they’d done. Weeds pulled, a garden dug and seeds planted. “Damn we do good work,” Quin said.

“Yes we do. Let’s get these tools put away and then shower. I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry.”

“No, that’s always horny, not hungry.” She laughed as she headed towards the shed to put away the tools.

Ten minutes later, they were in the shower, hot water cascading over skin, slushing dirt and muck down the drain. Quin stepped out first and began to dry off. Lynne finished up and steped out as he was toweling his cock.

“I could give you a hand with that.”

“You’ll just have to wait. I want my dinner and a cup of tea before I go chasing you around the bed.”

Lynne laughed. “Really? Chase me?”


“The way you’re moving, it will be more like hobbling.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. You even up to playtime Old Man?”

“I am if you are.”

“Well so am I. Even if I was exhausted, I’d say yes, because…”

“Because you’re always horny!” Quin laughed and popped her on a wet ass cheek. His handprint stood out vividly. He left the bathroom before she could catch her breath.

After dinner, Lynne caught herself falling asleep as they watched the news. The last thing she wanted was to miss a bit of playtime. Quin had his rules, and falling asleep in a chair was a sure way to not have playtime. She stood up announcing that she was ready for bed. Quin agreed and the two headed for bed.

“Is your ass still red?” Quin asked as she took off her sarong.

“I don’t know.” Lynne turned. There was still a faint mark.

“Hmmm… come here.” He pulled her closer and swatted her ass so that both cheeks were red marked.

“Oh damn that hurt! It’s been way too long since…”

He stopped her mouth with a kiss. Arms wrapping around one another, they fell softly to the bed. Quin’s hand moved between her thighs, finding her wet. He fingered her until she wriggled at the edge of orgasm. He rocked back on his knees and moved so that he could pull her up onto his lap. His cock slid up into her hot pussy.

“Oooh, too damn long…” Lynne moaned.

After a few slow deep strokes, them moved and Lynne rode Quin’s cock as he squeezed her breasts. As their pace quickened, he felt twinges in muscles that had been hard used today. Concentrating, he worked past the pain. Grabbing Lynne’s hips, he thrust hard and deep. He came moments later, shuddering with the release and feeling as if his bones had truly melted.

Lynne gasped as Quin had orgasmed, feeling her own pleaseure on the edge. Before the feelings could slip away, he thumbed her clit and brought her to an orgasm that thundered in her ears. She slid to the bed, wanting to keep him deep inside, but losing her own grip on mobility.

“I… I wasn’t sure things would finish,” she said with a gasp.

“You aren’t the only one. We worked hard, and while the mind was willing, the body was a little weak.” Quin kissed Lynne and pulled her to him. Wrapping an arm around her, he found her clit once more and stroked her until she moaned with orgasmic bliss. His cock throbbed in sympathy with her orgasm. She sighed and they curled up to sleep.

(*Tight and Trippy by Peter Moon Band)

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