Twisted Delights (14)

Bette worked hard. During the week, she was at Lord Duncan’s beck and call for whatever secretarial duties he needed. She swore that she deserved a medal for dealing with some of the soldiers that came through.


“Yes, Lord Duncan,” she said as she came through the door, and into his office.

“We have a special luncheon tomorrow afternoon. Upper eschelion bunch. I need you to be ‘on’. Don’t take any bull from these officers. In fact, if you wish to practice being a right little domme, I’d be just fine with that.”

Bette smiled. Her last weekend had been spent on ‘topping’. It hadn’t been too difficult to another sub in their place. It also helped her get in the right mind for Declan the next day. They’d gone to a country faire, and had a wonderful time. She’d loved it when the air had poofed up her skirt, and flashed her ass to an older man. He’d just smiled.

“Oh, and Bette, listen well. Remember what was said, but no obvious note taking.”

“Yes, Lord Duncan.

The lunceon was a little intense. Eight men all trying to be top dog. She’d never been in a room full of that many generals, colonels, or brigadiers. Officially she was in there to be Lord Duncan’s assistant. She was to hand out papers, serve coffee and ‘take notes’. During lunch, one of the brigadiers grabbed her ass.

“Sir, if you ever touch me like that again, I will make certain that not only your wife knows, but you’ll wish you could crawl back to Nanny and ask to be forgiven for such behavior,” Bette whispered in his ear.

He’d started to laugh, and then saw her face. He apologized and shut up instantly. One of the generals sniggered at him. Bette fixed him with a look and he shut up too. Lord Duncan smiled and patted the chair next to him. Bette sat, smiled and began taking notes again.

Once the luncheon was over, Lord Duncan called Bette in to discuss what had gone on.

“Your impressions?”

“Pilser is a whimp. Hen picked at home, and a bully at work.”

Lord Duncan nodded.

“Jones is a good man, but needs to learn to speak up. Wilson is a gem, and Davis needs shot.”

Lord Duncan laughed. “You put him in his place with a look.”

“Yes, but I’ve dealt with arses like that before. They need hit hard again and again.”

“And the rest?”

Bette thought for a moment. “Gervaise is losing it. I thought he was going to climb out of his skin when the door was closed. Archer needs to bathe, and to stop pretending he’s always right. Nelson is a good man, but out of his depth. Black scares the hell out of me.”

Lord Duncan smiled. “Gervaise is still suffering from shell shock. Archer is another one who could use a good whipping, and a bath. Nelson got a field promotion and can’t believe he deserved the rank. As for Black, you should be glad he is on our side.”

“Yes. After an hour with him, you’d do anything he wanted, and think it was your idea. He is psych ops and not allowed to play here.”

Bette nodded.

Declan reclined in the leather chair opposite Duncan. “You think she’s ready?”

“Very much so. I’m ‘graduating’ her this weekend. Are you still wanting to marry her?”

“Of course.” Declan gave Duncan a look.

Duncan laughed. “Well, are we having the wedding here?”

“Yes. Her parents disowned her. They figured that she was already shacked up with me when she came up here to work for you.”

“Idiots. Well then, if she’ll have me, I’ll give her away.”

It was Declan’s turn to smile.

Violet pulled on the strings of the corset. “Just once more miss.”

Bette held onto the bed post as Violet tugged once more. Then Violet quickly tied the laces. “Can you breathe miss?”

“Just. Why did I agree to this dress? Or, agree to let Lord Duncan pick out this dress?”

“I don’t rightly know miss.” Violet smiled. She’d actually helped Lord Duncan with the dress. It was a copy of his many great ancestresses dress. The painting in the great hall shows the dress, and as Duncan had found the undergarments that lady had worn years before, he knew the size. Violet was a good seamstress and had copied it.

“We need to add your stockings.” Violet bent to help Bette. They were nearly finished when Lord Duncan strode in the door carrying something in his hand.

“Lord Duncan!” Bette cried out.

“Oh shush! I’ve seen you in less.” He walked forward and stood next to Bette. “Besides, we need to fit this.” In his hand, he held a leather cock with straps attached.

Bette looked at him with a mixture of horror and fascination. “No… You’ve got to be joking. I’ll… I’ll pass out!”

“Nonsense. Open your legs.”

When Bette delayed, he thrust his hand between her knees and opened her legs. “Do as I say, or you will walk naked down the aisle.”

Bette opened her legs and after a bit of a struggle, Lord Duncan slid the cock into her pussy. She gasped at the feel of it. He strapped it onto the corset where the stockings connected and then stood back to admire his handywork.

“That will do. And know if you orgasm, we will all see it.” With that, he tugged her nipples up over the edge of the corset and gave them a tweek before walking out.

Bette was blushing and sputtering. “Oh… that man!”

“Now, now miss. He did more than that to you at your graduation.”

Bette took a deep a breath as she dared and nodded. Two hours of standing on the balcony while he and others touched, fondled and spanked her as she was blindfolded.

“Let’s get this dress on before he comes back.” Violet held up the ivory colored satin and Bette bent so it could be dropped over her head. Once it was in place, Violet laced up the back. Once the dress was on, Bette sat with a gasp to have her hair done.

Violet giggled. She’d had her own time with one of Lord Duncan’s toys.

Declan paced. He knew that Duncan was planning some sort of silliness, but not sure what. He’d be happy as long as Bette came down the aisle in a dress that didn’t show every inch of skin. When he turned around, Duncan stood in the door.

“Time old chap.”

Declan nodded and headed towards the door. The two men entered the small private chapel, filled with friends. Declan stood to the right of the altar where the minister stood ready. Duncan had headed to the back of the chapel. The music began and Declan turned to watch Bette walk down the aisle. She was gorgeous. A princess. A dream in a cloud of white.

Bette was nervous. That cock rubbed her in all the right ways with every step. Lord Duncan took her arm and they walked down the aisle. In a moment, she was standing next to Declan.

It wasn’t until after they signed the registry off to one side that everything felt real. She’d shuddered with a near orgasm when she sat down to the bridal supper. She swore that Duncan planned every move, so that she had to stand and sit over and over. Each move drove the cock in her pussy in new and intense ways. When they started to dance, she’d almost swooned with the first waltz.

After toasts, cake, more toasts and lots of laughter, the dinner was over and the crowd sang them through the garden to the folly where they were to spend their wedding night. When Lord Duncan opened it, Bette was surprised to see it lit with hundreds of candles. Off to one side, there was a bower, and someone had covered the altar with roses. It was beautiful.

Declan swept Bette into his arms and carried her into the room. Lord Duncan closed the door behind them and then they were alone.

“I love you Bette.”

“And I you.” She squirmed a little as he dropped her to the bed.


“Lord Duncan’s toy has driven me crazy all day.” She lifted her skirts to show him the back side of the strap.

“Ah… and aren’t you wet.” His finger traced over the leather. Then he shoved the palm of his hand against it, driving it deeper inside of her.

“Oh! Oh damn!” She gasped and writhed as the sensations rolled her.

“Just be glad he didn’t give you a saddle.”


“Yes. The same ancestress had a saddle with an attachment.”

“Oh lord!”

Declan smiled and pulled her to her feet. Then, slowly, he began to undress her. The dress and veil fell to the floor, followed by the petticoat, shoes and stockings. Once she stood in just the corset, he stood back. “Your turn.”

Carefully, Bette undressed Declan. When she undid his trews, his cock sprang up. She took it in her mouth, and he sighed. “You are not the only one who has been horny all day.” His hand gripped the back of her head, and he thrust harder until he came deep in her throat. Bette swallowed and then licked him clean.

Declan took her hand and walked over to the altar, where under the roses, lurked the cuffs. Bette discovered that the roses covered a soft pillow and she was soon cuffed to the altar on her back with her knees up. Her ass was near the end of the altar. Declan stood between her thighs, and unbuckled the cock. He teased it out of her pussy, and showed her just how thoroughly she had soaked it. He teased her clit, and when she began to mewl, he thrust it back in. The shock of the wet cool leather brought her to a shocked orgasm. She bucked and writhed as he thrust it in and out of her pussy. Just when she thought she couldn’t cope with another orgasm, he pulled it out and thrust his own hot cock deep inside. He rode her hard, and as she came and came, he too let lose with another orgasm.

This time, she was face down on the altar with no pillow. The cold marble pressed against her breasts and belly. Declan had spanked her until she felt her juices roll down her thighs. Now he was rubbing that leather cock up and down her slit from clit to ass. It was making her writhe. She wanted to be filled, but every time she tried to thrust against it, he moved the cock at the last moment.

“De-clan,” she gsped with need.


“No! Please take me!”

Declan smiled. She was so wet and almost ready. He ran the cock across her clit, and then up. As she arched, trying to mount it, he slid it up against her ass. She was so horny, that she pushed against it, and after a moment’s gasp, he slid the head into her ass.


“Shush,” he soothed her. Stroking her clit, he brought her to orgasm and the cock slid in further. She gasped, and the second orgasm made her push back and it seated itself all the way in.

“Oh! That’s… oh…” She was uncomfortable, and turned on all at the same time. Her pussy was soaked, and he slid his cock into it, feeling the leather cock nestled in her ass. So tight, and so good, he had to take a breath not to come right then. Bette’s own reaction was a gasp and then an orgasm that made him think she’d rip his cock off with the muscle spasms.

Declan grabbed her hips and thrust, building up a rhythm that got faster and faster. Bette started orgasming and and kept right on orgasming with every stroke of Declan’s cock. Her back arched and her whole body went rigid with orgasm. It was all he could take, and he exploded deep inside. Bette was still trembling and spasming with pleasure as he pulled out. When he removed the leather cock, she cried out in a shuddering orgasm and then collapsed.

When Declan caught his breath, he uncuffed Bette and carried her to the bed where they curled up and fell into a deep sleep.

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