Life Interrupts

Wolf and I have had a hectic few weeks. Our dog died unexpectedly. Mundane work has gone nutty. I have half a chapter written, and am having difficulty getting more than 5 minutes alone to write. Jobs have appeared and vaporized. Responsibilities have multiplied and there had been general craziness all around. I’m about ready to run away from home, but I know that won’t work. They’d find me. I know this, because in the dictionary next to that phrase “If you want something done, give it to a busy person” is my picture. (four different groups want me to be their “chairperson”)(two of them I can’t walk away from as there is no one else to do the job.)

So, my plan right now is to tell the world to just fucking cope without me for the next few days. I hope to do some writing as the story is burning in my head.

Hugs and love to dear friends that are having issues. You are not alone. Don’t know what the heck it is, but life can just settle down for so many of us!

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  1. Lass take what time you need for yourself, remember you can’t help others if you have run yourself into the ground.

  2. ((HUGS)) That’s okay, our picture is next to the defintion for “we’ll take care of it.” Feels like we both say that one a lot lately. Eventually, we’ll all get through it…just wish I knew how long “eventually” lasts.

  3. I think it’s summer…I’m more overwhelmed than usual–my work picks up exponentially for 6 weeks in the summer–the kids are older and are doingday camps this summer…while it would seem that it would give me more free time to do what I want? It winds up being free time to do what needs doing around here. And I still haven’t been able to paint the decking…too much rain! Ah well. Things will slow down and slip into “normal” mode in September….

    Hoping that holds true for you, also. And btw…”Just say no” isn’t just for sex and drugs…it is also for being fearfully overcommitted. Don’t let them suck you in via the guilt (no one else will do it if you don’t…awww…too bad then. Then let it go, Elsa.)



    1. It is a bit of “summer”. It is also a number of other things, such as still reeling from all the deaths, losing my house, moving into an okay but not ideal place, etc. I have been saying no on a few things as Wolf growls otherwise. But he understands when there simply isn’t another choice. I just want things to settle down to a dull roar.

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