Peanut Butter

With a sigh of pleasure, he opened his legs giving her free access to his balls. She massaged the peanut oil gently and then began to rub more onto his cock.

“Oh that feels so good Honey”

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned as she began to lick his balls. Her tongue ran up from the base of his balls. She licked up, down and around both sides.

He squirmed as his cock got harder and harder. He about shot his load as her tongue wrapped around the base of his cock and began to lick upward.

She giggled.

As scrambled as his brain was with pleasure, something was wrong. How could she laugh while her mouth was so wrapped around his balls. He struggled to understand as his pleasure built.

He woke with a start. He’d been dreaming. He could still feel her tongue on his balls, which confused him as the laughter seemed to come from the doorway. He flipped back the covers to see their dog licking peanut butter off of his balls with long loving devoted strokes. He screamed. The dog kept licking his balls.

She bent double with laughter in the doorway as she licked peanut butter off of the spoon.


(Yes, working my way back to writing! Another death in the extended family knocked me for a loop. But… I am working on making dedicated time for writing. Hope you enjoyed my little tease.)

8 thoughts on “Peanut Butter

    1. The story was inspired by Wolf. We were dog sitting and this dog likes to crawl under the covers. It did and goosed Wolf, who screamed like a girl. 🙂 From there, my brain ran away.

      As for losses… Far too many this year.

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