A Little Bit of an Explanation

I fell off the blog sphere. Big time. A while back, I mentioned that there had been another death to deal with. That was my ex. It made for a very tangled mess. Trying to sort out everything between our children, family, and legalities was crazy. Now to complicate matters, we discovered that my name was still on the house. So, all of a sudden, I owned a home again. (yeah!) And a mortgage. (Boo!) Oh, and the house was a wreck. Filthy. My mind boggles when I think of the state of the house when we first took over the keys. We’ve spent a month cleaning. Bleaching, mopping, sanding, hauling trash, sorting, painting, more painting, scraping, spackling. You name it, it has eaten our lives. Wolf and I have been working so hard, we haven’t even had time or energy for sex! (oh the horrors!)

However, we are beginning to turn the corner, and will soon be moving into our new home. I will have a studio. Wolf will have an office. Better yet, we will have some private space. (do you have any idea of how hard it is to have a good spanking in a house full of people?)

And… I will be doing my best to write! Oh how I’ve missed writing!

13 thoughts on “A Little Bit of an Explanation

    1. Thanks. It has been such an overwhelming experience. Every time I think we are past the worst/best/ugliest/smelliest bit, We get zapped again. Once the weather gets warmer though, it will be full steam ahead. 🙂 Our wish is to be in the house by March.

  1. ah dear I thought you would have told people you were practicing the ancient marshal art of Ecky Thump when you wanted a good spanking 🙂

    1. I’ve missed being here. While April might be more appropriate, we really want to be able to have the mundane businesses up and running. Plus, to be honest, April’s weather can be just as nasty as February or May. I also feel a bit like Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man… I just want my own things around me in my own home. 🙂

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