Duct Tape

Lynne hollered for Quin. She was tired, and his preoccupation with something on the TV was driving her crazy. She wanted to just curl up, but dinner wouldn’t cook itself. “Quin!”

“Just a minute.”

“Please, Quin. I’m tired and I just want a little help.”

“Just a minute.”

Lynne started chopping up onions, but it was more like she was chopping all of her frustrations. It had been a rough couple of weeks, and nothing seemed to be going right. She’d added the onions, garlic and spices to the meat before Quin walked into the kitchen.

“Alright, what do you need?”

“Please take out the compost and then put away the dishes.”

Quin grabbed the compost bucket and headed outside. When he returned, he washed his hands and put away the dishes.

“Anything else?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure!” The words escaped her lips much sharper than she intended. “Sorry.”

Quin looked at her. “Do you need a spanking?”

Lynne flinched. It had been ages since they last played or had time for something as decadent as a spanking. “No.”

Quin smiled. Maybe you need a spanking and duct tape.”


“Ah, because duct tape turns ‘No! No! No!’ into ‘O! O! O!’ my dear.”

Lynne blushed and wondered if there was any duct tape in the house.

Quin walked back into the living room, smiling. He knew she was thinking about duct tape…

9 thoughts on “Duct Tape

  1. you do know how to get me into trouble lassie I forgot I was reading this and opened up my computer to find something a friend wanted(He’s a technophilistine) unfortunately he was standing by my side when I sat down at the computer having forgotten it was on so when I moved the mouse up this popped. He howled with laughter and demanded I move out the way so he could read it. Will I ever live this down, he knew me when I was a sunday school teacher.

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