Sex with Shakespear

While I’m working away on the family genealogy that’s needed for the next few chapters of Riddles in the Wind, I figured I’d give you something to read. 🙂

I picked this up at my local library. I have to admit that I was flabbergasted to find it there! A book on kink… on Spanking… in our library. 🙂 I grabbed it and ran. It’s GOOD. Hunt it out, as it is well worth the read. Here is an excerpt from the dust cover.

When it came to understanding love, a teenage Jillian Keenan had nothing to guide her—until a production of The Tempest sent Shakespeare’s language flowing through her blood for the first time. In Sex with Shakespeare, she tells the story of how the Bard’s plays helped her embrace her unusual sexual identity and find a love story of her own.

It will give you a whole new viewpoint on the Bard and his writings.

5 thoughts on “Sex with Shakespear

  1. I wonder if my local library has it 🙂 mind you this is a strong Plymouth Brethren area so I might get run of the island

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