New Beginnings!

Okay… Life has been Rough. Crazy. Insane. Every time I think I have a chance to write, life crabs me sideway. Well… A few days ago,  my mom passed away in her sleep. We were doing in home hospice care, so we knew that the end was near. In her own way, she told us  she was ready to go, and did so.

Thus ended over a half a decade of caregiving that intensified over time. Yes, if you go back, you can see when things hit as my time to write diminished. The last year and a bit have been the hardest as Mom got more and more infirm. Seeing that the end was approaching faster and faster, we began making plans to step back into our own life. (you can laugh now) Our circumstances have changed a little, so it isn’t our own life, but a whole new life.

As my sibling and I sort of the estate, I’ve been making plans. (more laughter…) September is just around the corner, and the first Monday, Labor Day, I plan to sit and WRITE!!! I have Libby and her family traipsing across Europe to catch up with! Oh, and Boris on a trip he never thought of…. His wife’s high school class reunion!

Of course, I’ve already had the first two heart attacks…. My computer of almost 10 years is dying. Himself promises me a “fix” for next week. Keep good thoughts going. The biggest one though was I LOST the password to this account!!! I recovered it, but not after just a wee bit of a sweat.

8 thoughts on “New Beginnings!

  1. I never laugh at you dear (well not much). Looking forward and a little dreading libis journey if there be dragons. Boris hasn’t been out to play for a while yippee

    Life is always changing but hopefully this signals a time of self reclamation.

    1. Yes, there be dragons. And… Well, Boris has been peeking in over my shoulder at the darnedest times. Our lives are getting into the new routine, so here’s hoping. 🙂

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