“Are you sure you’re up for this?”

“Well, I’m a bit nervous, but he seems to be looking forward to a bit of fun. Plus the doctor said I was doing fine.”

Lynne looked down at Quin’s cock, which was standing tall and proud beneath the sheet. She smiled. It had been a rough couple of weeks. Quin had had a bleeding ulcer that nearly killed him because the idiots in the emergency room thought he was having a heart attack. He sort of was, considering the blood loss, but…

“Go slow, and see how things work out?”

“Yes.” He rolled towards her and let his hand trail along her side. “We’ve both been through a lot in the last six months.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t try to die on you!” She cupped his balls in her hand, making him gasp. It felt so good to touch him.

“No, but you still scared me. Enough talk for now.” He moved closer, kissing her deeply while his fingers stroked her thighs and then moved between them. She opened up and he moved his fingers up and down the soft folds of skin.


Quin smiled. He stroked her clit, and felt her shiver with delight. Her hand gripped his cock and the surge of feelings scrambled his thoughts. His turn to groan.

She smiled and wriggled around until she could wrap her lips around his cock. Sucking, licking and stroking him to the point where a pearl of cum exploded across her taste buds. She hummed her own pleasure, for Quin had been playing with her as well.

“Lynne, please…”

She slowly pulled her lips from his cock and straddled him. She sank down on his cock and began to rock back and forth. “Slow down…” she thought. While her own desires were filling her with a heated pleasure, she was still cautious. She’d almost lost him, but would do her best not to let that fear taint their pleasure.

Quin felt his orgasm building. It had been so long since they’d had fun. Between illness and waiting for the ‘all clear’, he’d begun to feel like he’d never feel that pleasure again. His heart sped up and the orgasmic fuse lit. “Lynne…” he gasped as his body took him for a ride.

Lynne felt Quin arc with orgasm and let her own body follow along. She’d craved this feeling. Needed it to feel whole on so many levels. “Ahhh…” she cried out as her body moved in sync with his.

Her ear was against his chest, listening to his heart as she slowly came back from an orgasm that was heavenly. “Hi,” she whispered.

Quin grinned. “You took all my bones…”

“Did not!”

“Did too…”

Lynne’s hand closed gently around his softening cock. “This is the only ‘bone’ I took.”

Quin smiled. “Yes, and it was glorious.” He was so relieved that everything worked. He wrapped his arms around Lynne and snuggled close. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” Lynne smiled and relaxed as they drifted off to sleep.

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