Riddles on the Wind (5)

Please be patient. It's taking a while to get back into the rhythms of writing. The latest death in the extended family has taken it's toll. Just as we thought everything was settled down, life went to hell in that damned handbasket again. Hope you enjoy the latest installment...  Jeffreys took the men to the train... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter

With a sigh of pleasure, he opened his legs giving her free access to his balls. She massaged the peanut oil gently and then began to rub more onto his cock. “Oh that feels so good Honey” “Mmmmmm.” She moaned as she began to lick his balls. Her tongue ran up from the base of... Continue Reading →

Riddles on the Wind (4)

Oxford, 1972. “Libby! Answer me!” Gabby pounded on the door again. “Maybe we should get the bursar,” Betsy was torn between trying to force the door and fleeing downstairs. Gabby stopped pounding on the door. “Fine. Go get him. Make sure he brings a key. I know something's wrong. Libby wouldn't miss class.” Betsy ran... Continue Reading →

Riddles on the Wind (3)

Wordwych sneaks in the door, sits at the computer and types away furiously. Wolf is working out in the living room, and understands that it is late, yet knows that a writer must write. It's been beyond hectic. The mundane life has eaten them both and spit out the bones. However, things are beginning to... Continue Reading →

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