Serial Stories

I’ve changed up the pages a bit to make it easier to find stories. There are now three different sections. The Shifter Universe, Vanillaverse and Muliti-part stories. Within that last one, there are a variety of stories from D/s to Tentacles and silly romances. Hope you enjoy my writings.

14 responses to “Serial Stories

  1. Smart idea!
    I will for sure be taking advantage. And I dont think youre selfish at all, I too have others I havent shared… we have to keep some mystery do we not? LOL


  2. jump from buster’s story 15 to 17? missing a chapter because the start seems ti hint at things happening we haven’t read yet😦

  3. hmm odd when 17 just went live there wasn’t a working link for 16 and i had no mail for 16, set it in such a way i get mail with each new post😉
    but more to read later, first dropping kids off at school
    thank you!

  4. thank you for ordering them:) once i’m done with robcubs i can dive into the rest here. when do i write? grrrr

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  7. Greetings, lovely! Your blog was referred to me by a very dear friend, and I must say I’ve enjoyed it greatly =) I love your ingenuity, and the depth you give your characters. I’m particularly fond of the “vanillaverse” stories =) I’ve just recently started writing erotica myself, in the non-consent/reluctance genre…and was wondering if you’d be willing to read a chapter or two and let me know if you think I’m on the right track?

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