The Chair (4)

Will locked the door and let go of Ann's arm. When she looked around, there were all styles of chairs in the room. “We will not leave until you sit on at least three chairs.” “How do I choose? Where do I start. There must be fifty chairs in here.” Ann looked around at all… Continue reading The Chair (4)


The Chair (3)

Getting curious? Nervous about that desk chair? Well, read on.   The next morning, after Ron left, Ann approached her chair. She looked under the cushion. Nothing. No hole, no soft spot, no hiding place. She inspected the cushion as well. The only thing unusual about is is that it didn't have one of those… Continue reading The Chair (3)


Battle of the Unicorn Jedi’s

The names have been changed to protect the guilty. 🙂 Or, as wolf says... "Anything you do, Can and Will be incorporated into a story. Wordwytch collects ideas like other people do comics."  Wordwytch.  ~*~*~* Ellen and Linn were walking down the mall when the Spencer's sign caught their eye. “I haven't been in one… Continue reading Battle of the Unicorn Jedi’s


The Dragon Boat Part 11

Lothar put Ellisif down on the bedding in the room. He no sooner let go of her than she began to stir. He moved to sit beside her when she opened her eyes. Then she threw up, the crack on the head having given her a nauseating concussion. Lothar found a cloth to clean Ellisif.… Continue reading The Dragon Boat Part 11


Nearly left behind

“This week has been so hectic.” “Yes, although we've gotten a lot accomplished.” Quin curled up behind Lynne and wrapped her up like a teddy bear to cuddle. “Yeah, but...” “You'll just have to wait until the morning. We are both too tired to be playing around. God knows my feet feel like I wore… Continue reading Nearly left behind


Speaking of crickets… chirp!

Yeah, we were gone to the big city for three days and I didn't manage to post stories for a few days. Sigh... We had a great time. King sized bed and a bathtub big enough for an orgy. 🙂 Really!!! 🙂 We saw a client, did some shopping, (omg! no, none of THAT kind...… Continue reading Speaking of crickets… chirp!


The Box part 4

Sofia climbed into bed straight from the shower. She was exhausted after a long day of shopping with Lindsey and then dinner and dancing. She barely pulled the covers over her ass before she fell asleep.   The creature stretched and moved towards the female on the bed. The scent of the female aroused it… Continue reading The Box part 4

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Party Favor

  He woke not knowing where he was. It took a second to realize he was blindfolded, collared, and kneeling on a bed. “What the fuck?” “You're in my apartment. The hook in the ceiling is very strong. Escape isn't possible.” “Why?” He recognized the voice of the woman from the bar last night. “Well,… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Party Favor