Crash… boom… Argh!

She tossed and turned. Finally in an effort to cool off, she got up and opened the bedroom door. Then she laid down on top of the covers. “Can't sleep?” “No. Too hot. Too stuffy.” He rolled over and wrapped her in his arms. “It will be okay.” “I know, it's just...” She began to… Continue reading Crash… boom… Argh!

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Just Be.

Her thoughts were of desire. Lust made her tremble as she crawled across the floor to where he sat. Slowly, she moved, one square at a time. Black, white, black, white; until she knelt between his legs. He looked down at her. Naked between his knees. His longing for her overran his urge to enjoy… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Just Be.

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Jack

Sex had been great. Becky sucked cock like no one else, and they'd collapsed in a sticky, satisfied mess well after midnight. As dawn peeked through the window, Jack was up and out of bed before he could get distracted by her luscious body. He showered, put on sweats and headed for the kitchen. Jack… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Jack

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Hoodwinked

They ran into the forest. Ginger smiled and unzipped her red hoodie. Her breasts burst forth like helium balloons. “Wow! What a set of breasts you have!” he gasped, his cock hardening beyond anything he'd ever felt before. “Why Derick, haven't you ever seen real breasts before?” Ginger pulled her hood back and then slid… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Hoodwinked

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Imperfections

Marcy and Dee were relieved when Sheila walked in. They'd been in this stupid pose for over twenty minutes. This ad campaign was just stupid. The book they were suppose to be promoting as cover art was even worse. Some daft romance novel about a threesome, called “Third Wheel”. The two of them had talked… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Imperfections