Riddles on the Wind (8)

June 30th, 1975, England Libby paced restlessly as she waited for the plane to taxi up to the terminal. It was twenty minutes late, and it seemed an eternity. The tannoy system crackled overhead announcing the Pan Am flight’s arrival. As the airport staff began to open the doors from the customs area, Libby could… Continue reading Riddles on the Wind (8)


Riddles on the Wind (5)

Please be patient. It's taking a while to get back into the rhythms of writing. The latest death in the extended family has taken it's toll. Just as we thought everything was settled down, life went to hell in that damned handbasket again. Hope you enjoy the latest installment...  Jeffreys took the men to the train… Continue reading Riddles on the Wind (5)


Riddles on the Wind (4)

Oxford, 1972. “Libby! Answer me!” Gabby pounded on the door again. “Maybe we should get the bursar,” Betsy was torn between trying to force the door and fleeing downstairs. Gabby stopped pounding on the door. “Fine. Go get him. Make sure he brings a key. I know something's wrong. Libby wouldn't miss class.” Betsy ran… Continue reading Riddles on the Wind (4)


Riddles in the Wind (2)

Libbellule Paquet loved England. It was similar enough to Vancouver that she didn't feel totally lost when her parents waved goodbye to her from the train station on their way back to Heathrow Airport. She was registered at St. Hilda's for the Michaelmas term and there was just enough time for her to explore the… Continue reading Riddles in the Wind (2)


Riddles on the Wind

At long last... I write. I live. I start the next shifter story. Hardest part of this bit has been figuring out a title. Hope you enjoy Riddles on the Wind. She ran. Snow crunched beneath her paws as the muscular legs drove her faster and faster. The whomping sounds over her head drove the… Continue reading Riddles on the Wind

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Hoodwinked

They ran into the forest. Ginger smiled and unzipped her red hoodie. Her breasts burst forth like helium balloons. “Wow! What a set of breasts you have!” he gasped, his cock hardening beyond anything he'd ever felt before. “Why Derick, haven't you ever seen real breasts before?” Ginger pulled her hood back and then slid… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Hoodwinked


Just a wee note

For those of you who haven't read the rest of the Shifter Universe, and are looking for a bit of back story...  Start with More than Just a Fairy Tale. (Luc and Meg's story) For Andrew and Vivien, read Twisted Tails. 🙂 You can find all the Shifter Universe stories in the Serial section. 🙂 … Continue reading Just a wee note


…And The Big Bad Wolf (6)

Joey was unhappy. He needed the money, but part of him felt wrong about the damage and vandalism. He'd gone to jail before and didn't want to go back there. He didn't like being low man on the totem pole. He waited in the mall in the bathroom, sitting on a seat with his feet… Continue reading …And The Big Bad Wolf (6)


…And the Big Bad Wolf (5)

Luc felt on edge as he walked the twins into their class. He chatted with their teacher, and then headed off to the computer lab. Charles was already there, and they had a list of 'fires' to put out. “Why is it that Monday is the fire day?” “I have no idea Charles. You'd think… Continue reading …And the Big Bad Wolf (5)