The Chair (2)

Ann couldn't remember her dream. Last thing she remembered was reading erotica on her computer and masturbating. After dinner, she she checked her computer. Her history showed that she'd read a story, and then nothing. Looking at her chair, she was happy to see it wasn't stained. She knew she'd come, but there was no… Continue reading The Chair (2)


There are days…

Days when I think I should just stop. Stop writing. Stop worrying that I haven't finished a story. I get frustrated by the lack of time to write or even think about writing. It isn't writer's block in that I can't think of what to write, but more of a time constraint. There are all… Continue reading There are days…

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Love Letters

“I could not believe what I was reading... So hot. So tantalizing. I wanted to feel his fingers on me. Touching me the way he spoke of in the letter,” she said to her best friend over the phone. She ended the call and sat down to write a reply to her latest admirer. Wearing… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday Love Letters



"I thought you were writing a story tonight." "Trying to, but my brain is just sort of spinning." "Hmm... " "I've just had too many interruptions today, and I can't concentrate." She slumped back into her chair. "I wondered about that. You didn't look like you were engaged when I came home from work." "Engaged...… Continue reading Stymied


A Sensual Blogger Award :)

Thank you Lustful Literate! There is part of me that loves getting awards. Then there is that other bit that does the whole "Me?". The difficult part for me though is finding other bloggers to nominate. I haven't had much time lately to venture beyond what I normally read and it makes that whole award… Continue reading A Sensual Blogger Award 🙂