More Than Just A Fairy Tale…. Finale

Ginny arched as Patrick bit her neck and slid deep into her. They had shifted as soon as they’d made sure the children were asleep. Patrick’s thrusts were rapid and made Ginny squirm with pleasure. She dug into the carpet with her claws as Patrick came hard. They howled their pleasure and then collapsed to the floor.

An hour later, Ginny woke up. “Patrick, do you want to move to the bed?” she asked.

“Um… I’m sort of stuck,” he said with a grin.

“All knotted up and no where to go?” she teased.

Patrick bit her.

“Ow!” she said half jokingly.

“Pull the blanket down and we’ll snuggle until we can move,” he said.

Ginny grabbed the coverlet and pulled it over them. “So, what do you think of our new cousin?” she asked.

“He’ll do just fine as soon as he figures out that Sam won’t leave her B&B,” said Patrick.

“You think so?” asked Ginny.

“Yes. From what Lisa told all of you in the kitchen and what my nose told me, he’s head over heels in love and so is she if she’d just jump over her own shadow,” said Patrick.

Ginny nodded. “We better get some sleep. They’re due here around noon to look at the stuff,” she said.

“Alright. Then stop talking,” he teased.

Ginny punched him.



Angie and George collapsed on the hotel bed. They were exhausted. In the morning they were heading back to the B&B. Sam and Lewis would follow in a few days.

“I like him,” said Angie.

“Yes, and he’ll get use to us,” said George.

“He’d better,” said Angie.

“Oh?” he asked.

“I told you he was in love with Sam. The two of them just glow,” said Angie. “So he’d better get use to us.”

“I still say we’ll have to see,” said George.

“You’re just too damn cautious,” she said.

“Yes, and what’s wrong with that?” he asked.

“Well, nothing I guess. I just want the two of them to be happy,” said Angie.

“I agree. Now let’s get some sleep. I don’t dare shift,” said George.

“Oh well,” said Angie. “We can have some playtime tomorrow night then,” she said.

George smiled and curled up around Angie.


Sam closed the door after Lewis had kissed her goodnight. She was trying to relax after a very long day. She was glad things had gone so well though. Everyone had liked the presents she had brought and the babies were adorable. She liked the idea of being a grandma of sorts. Dropping her clothes on a chair, she got into the shower. It didn’t take long to rinse off. She dried off and put on her nightie. She barely had her hair brushed before she thought she heard a knock on the door. She peered out the peep hole and saw Lewis standing in the hall. She opened the door.

“What’s the matter Lewis?” she asked.

“Um, May I come in Sam?” he asked.

“Of course,” said Sam. She opened the door wider and then shut it after he came though. He walked past her and then sat on an empty chair. Sam perched on the end of her bed. She waited for him to speak.

“Sam, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done,” he said. “Why is this so difficult?” he wondered.

“Lewis, I couldn’t have done anythin’ less,” she said wondering where he was going with this.

“I want to explain something to you,” he said. “I feel very awkward.”

“Well then, just spit it out,” Sam said.

“I have so enjoyed our time together and getting to know you and now your family,” he started.

“Lewis, they’re your family,” she said.

“In many ways, they are more your family than mine. I just happen to be related,” he said. “But back to the point. I have been trying to decide what I’m going to do after this. I have business in Canada, and…” was as far as he got.

“Well, ifin’ you have to go home, just go,” she said. “Damn!”

“Sam, wait. I think I’m saying this all wrong,” Lewis said as he realized that Sam was getting upset.

“Spit it out then,” she said. She really was confused as to where he was going with all of this after the day seemed to have gone so well.

“I… um… I wanted to meet the family and see how they were before I said anything,” he started.

“Before you said what?” Sam said getting more aggravated by the second.

“I wanted to see if they’d be alright with me before I… I said I think I’ve fallen in love with you,” Lewis said softly.

Sam sat there with her mouth hanging open. “You… you needed their approval? You love me?” she asked almost not daring to believe what he was saying.

“Not their approval, but I didn’t want to complicate things by walking in a total stranger and telling them that I wanted you to be a part of my life,” Lewis said as he stood up. “Am I… have I totally misread your feelings for me?”

Sam walked over to Lewis and took his hands in hers. “No Lewis, you didn’t misread me at all. I’m just so use to being independent that I was scared to death to think that you might be interested in this crusty old broad,” she said.

Lewis pulled her into his arms and held her close while they kissed. He held her close for a few minutes and then looked down at her face. Sam looked up and relaxed.

“Sam, would it be presumptuous for me to ask if it was alright for me to spend the night?” Lewis asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said with a smile. She let go of him and turned down the bed. She crawled under the covers and patted the bed next to her.

Lewis undressed down to his underwear and then crawled into bed. Sam was giggling.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Well, your underwear look like Speedos and I can’t believe I’m in bed with the possibility of having sex with someone after all this time,” she said.

“First off, they aren’t Speedos. European underwear aren’t the same as those horrid things American men wear. Second, it has probably been as long for me as it has for you. Probably longer. As you know, I never married. Relationships, but no marriage,” he said.

“Okay. Shall we see if the plummin’ still works?” she teased as she turned off the lights.

“Yes,” he said and pulled her close. He could feel his cock harden as he felt her breasts touch his chest.

“Well, that still works,” teased Sam. She trailed her hand down his hip and brought it to rest on his cock.

“Oh,” Lewis gasped. “Calm!” he thought trying not to explode just from a touch.

“Liked that eh?” she said softly as he brought a hand to her breast. It was her turn to gasp.

“Yes. I think we have too many clothes on,” he said as he slipped out of his underwear.

Sam pulled her nightie off and snuggled next to Lewis. “You smell like a mix of chocolate and cinnamon,” she said as she put her face on his chest. “Funny ’cause you can’t eat the damn stuff.”

“Yes,” he said. A lot of us smell like that. Pheromones or some such.” Lewis slid his hand between Sam’s legs. She was damp, and he stroked her slowly trying to keep his own emotions under control.

“Oh,” squeaked Sam. “I’d forgotten how good this could feel,” she thought. Her hand went back to touch his cock which was hard and bobbing against her leg. The tip of his cock was damp and he moaned as she gently caressed him.

Lewis slowly fingered her and when she was wet enough, he moved between her thighs. Hesitantly, he slid into her. It felt so good that he almost forgot to breathe.

“Lewis,” Sam gasped as he slowly moved in and out. She shivered as sensations long denied flooded her. She grasped his sides.

Lewis knew he wouldn’t last long, but held off as long as he could. Finally he couldn’t cope any longer and increased the rhythm of his strokes. A moment later, he came hard, gasping and moaning. Then he realized that Sam too was moaning.

Sam felt him come and then amazingly, she started to orgasm as well. Every muscle in her body froze with pleasure. As she felt she was melting into the bed, Lewis shuddered and then withdrew. He pulled her close and put his hand between her legs once more.

“Lewis?” she asked wondering what he was going to do.

“I… I didn’t last very long, but I want to see your face as you orgasm once more,” he said. He wiggled his fingers against her clit and watched as she arched in pleasure and came. Then he cuddled her to his chest and they went to sleep.


Deep down inside of Lewis where wolf and man melded, two voices echoed the same thought. “Yes…”




George knocked on Lewis’ door to say goodbye. No answer. “I guess he must be in the shower,” he told Angie.

“Okay, we’ll come back after saying goodbye to Sam,” she said and they headed down the hall. Angie knocked on the door to Sam’s room. “Sam? You up? We’re leaving,” she said. A muffled noise came from the room and then the door opened.

“Oh! Angie. I didn’t realize it was so late. I…um… overslept,” Sam said.

Angie looked at Sam. Her hair was ruffled and the bit of nightie she could see was inside out. “You okay?” she asked.

“Couldn’t be better. Just overslept,” said Sam.

“Okay. Well, we tried knocking on Lewis’ door to say goodbye, but he must be in the shower because he didn’t answer,” said Angie.

“No, I didn’t answer because I’m not there,” said Lewis from behind Sam. He’d pulled on his pants and stood behind Sam.

Angie blinked. Then she blushed. “I…um… Oh my god! I’m so sorry I…we interrupted you,” she stuttered.

Behind her George was laughing. He’d smelled Lewis the moment Sam had opened her door. That made Sam and Lewis laugh as well.

“We’ll see you in a couple of days,” said George. “Don’t wear him out Sam. Lewis, I think this calls for a ‘welcome to the family’ as well.”

“Thanks George, but that’s up to Sam I think,” Lewis said. He still couldn’t believe his good fortune.

“Now what did I say to you last night?” Sam said as she turned to Lewis.

Lewis smiled and kissed the top of her head. “Yes, I think a ‘welcome to the family’ is in order. We’ll see you up at the B&B,” Lewis said.

The four of them said their goodbyes and while Sam closed the door, Angie and George headed for the car.

“Oh my!” said Angie as they climbed in the car to head over to Ginny’s to pick up their truck.

“Oh my indeed. I’m just surprised it took that long,” said George.

“Why do you say that?” asked Angie.

“Well, I suspect that Lewis wanted to make sure that the family approved of him before he dared tell Sam that he loved her. If he felt we didn’t like him, he would have been polite and distant and they both would have been unhappy,” he said.

“Yeah, but still. If they love each other, what does our opinion matter?” Angie asked.

“I could be lame and say it’s a shifter thing, but to be honest, if a new wolf to the pack doesn’t have the pack’s approval, most times they will leave. He’s an old style wolf and he wouldn’t go against the pack regardless of how much it pained him,” said George.

Angie thought about it and nodded. Then she grabbed her cell phone and called Ginny.



Ginny rolled over and untangled herself from the comforter. They were still on the floor and she tried to figure out where her cell phone had landed. She grabbed it and answered.

“Hello?” she said still half asleep. “What! Oh damn! Yes. I’ll make coffee. Hurry up! I want all the details,” she said and then hung up the phone. Then she got up and scrambled for a quick shower.

Patrick rolled over and wondered why his mate was acting like her tail was on fire.

“Get up and dressed!” she shouted from the shower.

“Why?” he asked as he stumbled into the bathroom and crawled into the shower with Ginny.

“Because Angie and George will be here in ten minutes,” she said delighting in dragging out what Angie had told her.

“So, they’re just picking up their truck,” said Patrick.

“Just wait,” she said and got out to get dressed.

“Dammit Woman! Tell me what’s going on!” he said as he too got out of the shower.

“No! Get dressed,” she said and went off to make coffee. She got out cups and then waited.

Patrick leaned against the door dressed in a teeshirt, jeans and barefooted. “You’re not going to tell me are you,” he said.

“Nope,” she said smugly.

“Damn,” he said.


They heard Angie and George pull up five minutes later. Before Patrick could open the door, Angie came walking in with a big grin on her face. George walked in behind her.

“Okay. Ginny won’t tell me what’s going on. Will you?” Patrick asked George as Angie and Ginny giggled like teens.

“Maybe,” said George with a huge grin.

“What on earth could be so entertaining?” Patrick asked. This was getting old really fast. “A clue?” he asked.

“Well, I guess you could call it a family matter,” said George as he took a cup of coffee from Ginny who was still giggling.

“Family matter?” Patrick said trying to figure out what on earth was going on. “Family…” he started and then it struck him. “OH! Oh my god! They did?” he asked

Ginny and Angie nodded and George laughed and nodded.

“How? How did you find out?” Patrick asked.

“We went to say goodbye and Lewis didn’t answer his door. We figured he was in the shower so we headed to Sam’s room. When we got there, she looked um…” Angie searched for a metaphor.

“Well loved,” said George. When she opened the door, I could smell two things. Sex and Lewis. Sure enough, about a second later, he appeared behind her. Both of them were grinning so hard that they could have lit up a room,” he finished.

It was Patrick’s turn to laugh.



By the time that Sam and Lewis arrived at Ginny’s, Angie and George were long gone. However, the welcoming committee of Sara, Ivan and Joe were waiting at the door. They didn’t know why the adults were all so happy, but they had caught the flavor of the emotions. They were bouncing up and down. After they’d met Lewis and Sam and given them a ‘prezzie’ of peanut butter cookies they were sent outside to play.

“Damn they’re rambunctious,” said Sam. She was worn out and happy and very relaxed. After Angie and George had left, she and Lewis had gone back to be to play for a while.

“Yes, and I hear that they aren’t the only ones,” said Patrick with a smile.

“Um,” was as far as Lewis got. He blushed and then smiled when Patrick wrapped him in a hug that would break ribs on most people.

Sam laughed which started Ginny laughing. Ginny hugged Sam. “Are you happy?” she asked.

Sam nodded. She looked over at the two men. “Now I told George he couldn’t break Lewis, so don’t you go tryin’,” she teased Patrick.

“I wouldn’t. George would break me. So, shall we have some coffee and go through the boxes? Ginny has been going crazy trying to figure out the diaries written in Metis,” said Patrick.

“Yes, I’d love to see Buster’s things,” said Lewis as they moved into the house.

On the table were boxes of things. The smell of Buster hung in the air as Ginny opened them.

“Oh my,” said Sam softly.

“What is it Sam?” asked Ginny hoping that seeing the stuff wasn’t upsetting her.

“The boxes… Buster’s stuff. It smells just like Lewis. That chocolate cinnamon scent,” she said. “No wonder you knew it was Buster’s bandana.”

Ginny sniffed the boxes and then Lewis’ neck. Then she smelled Patrick as a puzzled look came over her face. “You’re right. They do smell alike. Patrick has ever so slightly a different scent, but Buster and Lewis do smell alike,” she said. “You okay Sam?”

“I am. Better than I’ve been in a long time. Let’s look at these things,” she said.




“Lewis and Sam are headed for the B&B in the morning,” said Luc to Meg. He was holding the babies as she showered before bed. “I still can’t believe the giggly call the other morning though. You’d have thought that Ginny was high or something.”

“I know. Still have to admit it was funny. Sam all disheveled and Lewis grinning like a school boy when they answered the door. I hope they make a good time of it,” she said.

“So do I. Sam deserves some happiness. And to have two wolves love her so much is so very special,” he said. Elliot looked up at him and yawned. Linsey was still asleep.

“Lewis deserves a happy relationship too,” said Meg. “He’s had a rough time of it and all of a sudden, he has family and a mate and…”

“He hasn’t declared her his mate yet Meg,” Luc said.

“No, but do you think it will take long?” she asked.

“Probably not. He still has to see where she lives and face the ghost of Buster,” said Luc.

“Hadn’t thought of it like that,” said Meg stepping out of the shower. She grabbed her towel and started to dry off. “Still. Sam loves him and he loves her. They’ll get it figured out.”

“I’m sure they will,” Luc said as he watched Meg get dressed. Her breasts were heavy with milk and they enticed him. “How long did Jeff say we had to wait?”

“Another two weeks at least. I have to finish healing up,” she said. “You aren’t the only one who’s horny.”

“I know. It’s just been so long,” he said. He felt his cock stir and took a deep breath to calm down.

“You know that once the babies are asleep, we can play around a bit,” she said letting her hand trail across his cock as she picked Elliot up out of his lap.

Luc groaned. He had been trying to restrain from even thinking about sex, but it wasn’t working. “You sure?” he asked.

“Yes Luc. We can’t have full blown sex, but I’m certain I can kiss you until you explode,” she said licking her lips. “And then you can press my buttons until I drool.”

“You’re on,” he said and carried Linsey as he followed Meg into the nursery. Meg changed Elliot and then sat down in the rocker to nurse him. Fifteen minutes later, it was Linsey’s turn. Luc changed her and they traded babies. He put Elliot in the Moses basket in the crib and waited.

Meg finished nursing Linsey and tucked her in with Elliot. They had tried to put them in just the crib, but it was too big and empty. So they had compromised by putting them in the Moses basket and that in the crib. They turned on the baby monitor radio and then headed for their room.



Luc held Meg in his arms and cuddled her against him. The feel of her naked skin was almost too much for him. His cock throbbed and bumped against her thighs. Meg smiled and then after kissing his lips, she kissed her way down his body until her kisses reached the head of his cock. As her lips wrapped around him, he moaned. It felt so good. The last few weeks had been so busy with family and babies that no one had a chance to think let alone feel horny.

Meg bobbed up and down on his cock, licking, sucking and caressing it with her mouth. Her breasts swung against his stomach. Her nipples were so sensitive that they crinkled up hard. Luc’s hand on the back of her head as he guided her mouth felt nice. She’d missed sex. She swore that she felt every thrust in her mouth in her pussy. All kinds of sensory tingles flooded her senses.

Luc couldn’t hold his hips still. He started thrusting in time with Meg’s motions and it felt so good. The feelings in his balls intensified and he could feel himself beginning to come. Holding Meg’s head in one hand and her ass with the other sent him over the edge as she sucked and licked.

“Oh ggggggg…” he moaned as he came.

Meg felt the orgasm start deep in his balls and yet was still amazed at the volume of cum that poured into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked until he shuddered and shivered and there was nothing left. She turned and looked at Luc.

“You have one of those grins on your face just like your son after he nurses,” she teased.

“Mmmmmm,” Luc hummed. He was floating. Then he felt a drip on his stomach. He opened his eyes and realized that Meg was leaking milk. Before she could do anything, he sat up and wrapped his mouth around the leaking breast. He sucked softly at first and delighted in the feel of milk pouring into his mouth. After a few sucks, he moved to the other breast.

It was Meg’s turn to moan. Luc’s mouth on her breasts felt so different. She felt like her nipples were hardwired to her clit and she felt herself begin to orgasm for the first time in ages.

Luc was enjoying her breasts when he heard her moan. He stopped. “You okay?” he asked.

“Yes! Don’t stop,” she said as she lay on the bed so that he could touch her as well as suckle.

Luc realized what was happening and obliged Meg. He sucked lightly and played with her clit. In a matter of moments, Meg felt that rush and arched off of the bed in orgasm.

“Oh…” she gasped.

Luc licked the last of the dripping milk from her breasts and then cuddled Meg close to him. It felt so good to hold his mate.

“That was unexpected,” said Meg.

Luc nodded and held her close. “Guess I’ll have to restrain myself,” he said.

“Huh?” asked Meg.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to starve the babies because I drank all their milk,” he teased.

Meg started to giggle and Luc joined in laughing.


A few hours later Luc had shifted around Meg and the babies. They had woken up soon after Meg had showered for the second time that night. She nursed them while Luc showered again as well. They had played and cuddled with their babies and then as they fell asleep, Luc shifted. Meg fell asleep almost as quickly as the babies.

Wolf looked at the three of them asleep. “Love pups. Love Soft One. So good to love. Pack,” he thought. “New pack, lots of pack. Good.” He put his head down next to Soft One’s and went to sleep.


{All good things must come to an end and so it is with this story. Don’t worry though. I’ve had to promise my own Wolf that there would be a story about Buster…}

10 thoughts on “More Than Just A Fairy Tale…. Finale

    1. Thank you Jesse. I’ve been trying to find a good stopping point for nearly six months. Every time I though I “Had it”, something new popped up in my head as I wrote along. However, I think I have four or five story lines I can play with from just this Tale. 🙂 Buster’s story will be the first as I already have about 5 pages.

    1. LOL… Glad you liked my story. As I said, it ran away with my brain. Buster’s story is now up to 15 parts and more to come. Also… (sneak preview) a tale about Andrew is in the works…

        1. Yes… I thought and thought about it because he is one character who isn’t rounded out by a relationship. The story is called Twisted Tails and it is about a reporter who worked on the leads generated by the death of Buster… and she’s stalking werewolves.

          1. you my lady are a terrible tease!! haha
            i’ll go hide a bit now and finish my anita blake novel think one more and all caught up with them too sigh her men… i say no more

          2. i just started reading book 21 which came out this month, so i guess i’ve read them all soon, but just this series, might stoart on the others after done with nhalini sing (prob misspelled hername …)

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