“Are you sure you’re up for this?” “Well, I’m a bit nervous, but he seems to be looking forward to a bit of fun. Plus the doctor said I was doing fine.” Lynne looked down at Quin’s cock, which was standing tall and proud beneath the sheet. She smiled. It had been a rough couple... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings!

Okay... Life has been Rough. Crazy. Insane. Every time I think I have a chance to write, life crabs me sideway. Well... A few days ago,  my mom passed away in her sleep. We were doing in home hospice care, so we knew that the end was near. In her own way, she told us ... Continue Reading →


Conventions The flight from Ronald Reagan Airport touched down at O'Hare in Chicago just as the sun set. Greg was exhausted. The conference in D.C. had been exciting and intense. He swore that they'd paced three weeks of information, visits and dinners in three days. He and Marcie jostled with the other passengers to get... Continue Reading →

Riddles in the Wind (9) & (10)

( 9) France, July 1977 Andre stood in the doorway to the courtyard. He watched as people moved around the farm. Children played in the garden, running between rows of onions and carrots. He could smell dinner cooking, glad to note that it was Elsa cooking, and not Anias. That woman could burn water. “All... Continue Reading →


At long last, I do exist. In the last year every time I have thought I'd have time to write, it's blown away. I can't promise to post daily, but my goal is to write 2-3 times a week. I'm warming up for NaNoWriMo. 🙂 I've given you the two, yes two latest chapters of... Continue Reading →

Coming up for air

Yeah, I'm still alive. Nearly drown by life... but not totally.  Sorry it's been so slow. Working on that genealogy for the shifters universe. Working on keeping a roof over our heads and other things. I'm looking forward to a little peace and quiet later this month. Our favourite SCA event is in less than... Continue Reading →

Sex with Shakespear

While I'm working away on the family genealogy that's needed for the next few chapters of Riddles in the Wind, I figured I'd give you something to read. 🙂 I picked this up at my local library. I have to admit that I was flabbergasted to find it there! A book on kink... on Spanking... in our... Continue Reading →

Riddles on the Wind (8)

June 30th, 1975, England Libby paced restlessly as she waited for the plane to taxi up to the terminal. It was twenty minutes late, and it seemed an eternity. The tannoy system crackled overhead announcing the Pan Am flight’s arrival. As the airport staff began to open the doors from the customs area, Libby could... Continue Reading →

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