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Twisted Delights (12)

Breakfast finished and everyone headed off to their various duties. Declan followed Bette and then went in to chat with Lord Duncan.

“Let me know if she desires or needs further training.”

“I will James. She was damn responsive to it all. Better than I expected.”

“Good. Always thought she would be. I’ve a new class starting up on the 10th.”

Declan looked over at the calendar. “I should know by then.”

Bette sat gently the whole day. Oddly enough, the pain reminded her of the pleasures of the evening which made her more aroused than turned off. By 5pm, she was so turned on that she was afraid she’d pounce on Declan when he walked into the office.

“Well, I see I don’t have to ask how you’re doing.”

“No, I’m… I want…”

“Want what dear Bette?”

“I want to lock the office doors and have you take me right now.”

Declan laughed. “Oh that we could. Dinner is in an hour and we both need to dress.”

Bette pouted. “I suppose I will have to wait then.”

He walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her and held tight. Then with one hand he popped her on the ass four times. Bette gasped, squirmed and flushed. He laughed softly and then reached up under her skirt and stroked her clit. Bette came like a shot, her head buried in his shoulder to muffle the squeak.

Declan let go of her, and helped her straighten her clothing. “You need to go get dressed, and no touching yourself.”


“No touching.” he pointed to her crotch. “No easing your aches. No panties either.” He took her by the hand and they walked out of the office.

James smiled as he closed the peephole panel. Bette would make a very good sub.

Bette’s ass was sore. Her pussy throbbed. She ached to be with Declan, but this dinner party was nearly as long as the one the night before. The women were vapid, and the officers dull. On top of that, she swore that Declan and Lord Duncan had purposely bumped her ass all evening. She was tender, aroused and it felt as if her thighs were swimming. She was just glad that her evening dress was unlikely to show stains.

“Do you think she’ll last much longer?”

“I’m not sure James. She certainly isn’t going to last long once we are alone.”

“Are you heading out to the folly again? Or do you want the blue velvet room?”

Declan thought for a moment. “Is the room available? It wasn’t last night.”

“Oh yes. I made certain it was.”

“Then I’ll have it. When may we excuse ourselves of your company?”

“Now if you’d like. I think that Miss Evans has a ‘headache’.”

Five minutes later, Bette and Declan headed upstairs to the red door corridor. She was a bit surprised that he had a key or was allowed. Once they were through the entrance, he stopped.

“Hold still Bette.”


“A blindfold is required.” Before she could object, he pulled out a velvet blindfold and covered her eyes. Then he led her through the hall and into a room. He switched on the light and then locked the door. “Will you do whatever I say?”

Bette trembled a little. “Yes.”

“Yes sir.” he prompted. They’d discussed a little of the Dom-sub paradigm last night.

“Yyes sir.”

“Good girl.” He led her over to a small bench. “Sit.”

Bette sat, and then felt him remove her shoes. He helped her to stand and her evening dress slid to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood in her bra, slip, garter belt and stockings. Then she was walked over to the four poster bed, and was instructed to hold onto the end posts. It was a bit of a stretch, but not uncomfortably so. As she stood there, she heard him undress and wondered what was to happen.

Declan walked up behind her, and began to stroke her body. Light, gentle touches, even over her ass, which was slightly bruised. She gasped, but didn’t let go. As he ran his hands up the insides of her legs, she arched back towards him. When his hands reached her pussy, he found her wet. Sliding two fingers deep inside, he slowly fingered her. Just before she orgasmed, he stopped.

“Oh Declan! Please!”

“No. No orgasms unless I say so.”


“No.” He swatted her ass twice. Her hands came down off of the posts. He replaced them, as he reminded her to hold on. He swatted her again. Once more her hands came off of the posts as he knew they would. He walked away and came back with soft leather cuffs. He wrapped them around the posts and then around each wrist.

“What? Why?”

“To make it easier for you to comply.”

“But… you startled me. That’s why I let go.”

“And now, you needn’t worry.” He rubbed her ass and then as she began to relax, he swatted her again. This time her reaction was swift. She arched upwards, away from his hand.


Declan stroked her body, and fingered her once more. He stopped just short of orgasm. When she cried to be allowed to orgasm, he walked away.

Bette wondered where he’d gone, and then heard the bed creak. The next thing she knew, his cock was next to her mouth. She took him into her mouth and did her best to remember how to give a blowjob. He was hot, silky and salty. She found she liked the taste of him in her mouth. As he got closer to his own orgasm, he held her head as he thrust in and out. He came, filling her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, licking him until he was soft.

“I do love coming without that damned sheath.” He moved off of the bed and went over to the toy box again. He returned with a large stone dildo. Standing behind Bette, he began to stroke her skin with the tip.

“What is that?”

“You’ll find out.” He continued, and slowly worked down her body. He ran it across her ass, which made her jump. Then he gently touched her pussy, letting her juices coat the head. When it was wet, he nudged it between her lips and slowly slid it into her pussy.

“Oh lord! What is that!”

“A toy. A cock shaped toy.” Declan slid it in and out of her pussy, smiling as she tried to rub against it. His own cock grew stiff once more and between one stroke and the next, he slid the dildo out and his sheathed cock in. The switch between cool stone and warm flesh sent shivers of pleasure across Bette’s skin. She arched back towards him and he grabbed her hips. Declan thrust harder and harder. Bette began to orgasm and couldn’t stop. Her muscles clamped around his cock with each spasm and he soon came hard.

As the two of them shuddered with pleasure, he withdrew and then undid the cuffs and pulled off the blinfold. Gathering her in his arms, they crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Twisted Delights (11)

Declan snuggled Bette to his chest. He’d been pleasantly surprised to find that she’d left her panties and bra behind in her room. Between that and long absence, their first bit of lovemaking ended in record time.

“It’s been too long, Bette.”

“Yes. Will it take you long to be ready to go again?”

Declan smiled. “Missed me?”

“I have. Need to admit that watching and hearing some of the things I have has made me curious and um… aroused.”

“Has it?”

Bette blushed and nodded.

Declan gathered her in his arms, and held her close. “And what is it that has you curious?’

Bette was silent for a moment. “Spanking, and I don’t know what to call the other bit.”

He smiled. “Describe it.”

“A woman had a cock in her mouth. He looked like he was enjoying it.”

“That is called fellatio, or a blow job. Oral sex, where a person sucks on the cock. And yes, it is very nice.”

“Not much fun for the woman though I’d think.”

“No, for the ladies, it is called cunninglus.”

“What?” Bette had a most perplexed look on her face.

Declan thought of describing it and changed his mind. He moved between her thighs and pushed them wide open. “It’s like this.” He brought his mouth down to her damp pussy and began to tongue her. His fingers held her open just a bit so that his tongue could reach her sweet clit.

“Oh, Oh! Oh Lord!” Bette didn’t know where to put her hands. Finally as she thought she’d come unglued, she grabbed his head and held on as he licked her to an orgasm.

Declan smiled and wiped his mouth as he leaned back and let Bette recover. “Like it?”

Bette smiled.

A little while later, Bette had figured out the process of a blow job after only biting Declan once. As they relaxed, he explained some of the mindset behind spanking. Bette had some of this information from Lord Duncan, but not as intimately described by Declan.

“So, it feels good even thought it hurts?”


“Have you ever been spanked?”

It was Declan’s turn to blush. “Yes.”

“When? Where? And who did it?”

“In a club in London, by a dominatrix, and long before I met you.”

Bette thought about that for a few minutes. “Do you like it?”

“Not as much as I like spanking.”

Bette thought a bit more. “What if I don’t like it?”

“Then we stop and we don’t do it.”

She bit her lip. “Alright, I think I’d like to try it. Do I have to be tied up?”

“No, I’ll just put you over my lap.” He moved faster than she anticipated and was pulled across his lap before she could mutter a word. “I hear you’ve been a naughty girl.”

“Have not!”

“Oh? Screwing around, sucking on a cock and all secret like?”

“Umm… No!”

“And a liar.” His hand came down hard on her left cheek. It was followed by a series of smacks that alternated between right and left, high and low. Bette tried not to cry out, but in the end, she was crying.

“Stop! Please! Stop!”

“Will you be good?”

“Yes! Please!”

Declan gave her one last smack, and then gently began to rub the hot flesh. His hand went lower and lower until it moved between her thighs. He let his fingers explore her pussy. She was soaked, and had soaked his thighs.

“I think you liked this.”

“I’m… not so sure. That hurt!”

“Well, look how wet you are.” He held his hand up to her face.

“I… I…”

Declan moved his fingers to her clit. He barely touched her before she exploded in an orgasm to rival any that she’d had that evening. She cried out her pleasure, and he lifted her so that she straddled him. His cock slid easily into her wet pussy. With each thrust, he cupped her warmed ass. Each time he squeezed, her pussy clamped down around his cock. It didn’t take long for orgasm to overtake Declan. Bette had never stopped orgasming. They collapsed onto the pillows.

Dawn streamed in the windows of the folly. Bette woke with a start, her internal alarm telling her she was late.

“Dec, we fell asleep! Lord Duncan will be furious! We’ve got to get up!”

“It’s alright. He’ll understand.”

“Please, Dec. We can’t be found here!” She stood up and gingerly started to pull on her clothes. Declan sighed and followed suit.

“Did you enjoy yourself Bette?”

She smiled. “Oh yes.”

“Even the spanking?”

She blushed. “Yes.”

They arrived at the house just as the staff was sitting down to breakfast. Betsy smiled when she saw them trying to sneak in. “Himself says to get dressed for breakfast and meet him in the dining room. You have about twenty minutes.”

Declan and Bette acknowledged her and they ran upstairs.

James smiled as Declan sauntered into the dining room. “Walking a bit light are we?”

Declan smiled. “Yes, and it was a lovely time.”

“Did things go alright?”

“Yes. Very well indeed.”

James nodded. “Will we be stepping things up?”

“I’m not sure yet. Promising though. Promising.”

James turned and began to walk towards the door. “Come in Miss Evans. Have a seat.” He led her to a chair and pulled it out for her to sit. He noted the slight hesitation and gasp as she sat. “Now what might we get for you?”

“Lord Duncan I can get my own breakfast.”

“No, it’s our turn to wait on you for all you do.” He smiled, and returned with a plate of food.

“Thank you sir.”

Declan sat down next to her with his own plate, followed by Lord Duncan. The conversation was light and congenial between the three of them as the rest of the officers filed in. Timothy was one of the last in, and he winked at Bette.

Bette leaned towards Declan and whispered. “Does everyone know?”

“No, but I suspect that Timothy might have guessed that we enjoyed ourselves last night. He was in the hall when I went up.”


Twisted Delights (10)

Bette dreamed. She was strapped to the wall, wearing nothing but a bra, panties, stockings and high heels. She had a blindfold on and could hear the whistling of the whip as it came down on her ass. Declan was whispering in her ear, asking if she was turned on. She cried out no, but when he touched her, she writhed in orgasm.

Bette sat straight up as she awoke from the dream. Her heart was pounding and to her shame, her panties were soaked. She smelled of sex. “Oh…” She got up and headed for the women’s bath at the end of the hall. As she entered the bathroom, she bumped into one of the women she’d seen two nights ago.

“Hello, I’ve seen you about, but never met you. I’m Jenny.” The woman held out her hand.

“I’m Bette.”

“Nice ta meet you.”

Bette nodded. Then her curiosity got the best of her. “Are you alright?”

Jenny looked at her and then figured out what Bette was talking about. “Oh yeah. It’s a real turn on if done right.”

“It is?”

“Oh, that’s right, you don’t play. Just take notes for his lordship.”


“It’s fun. Gets your head clear it does.”

“What do you mean?”

Jenny looked down the hall. “You going in for a bath?”


“We’ll talk while you bath.” She turned and the two of them went into the bathroom.

An hour later, Bette came out with more information on sex, pain and her body that she ever expected. After she dressed, her first thought was to call Declan. It had been over six weeks since they’d seen one another.

Jenny smiled as she headed downstairs. She looked around before knocking on the office door. When called, she slipped in quietly. “Job’s done sir.”

Lord Duncan smiled. “Thank you Jenny. Much appreciated. How is our little pigeon doing?”

“Fair fit to burst with sexual tension. Curious and surprisingly open minded.”

“Sub material?”

Jenny thought for a moment. “Yes, if handled right. Go gently with her when you do.”

He nodded. “Off you go.”

Jenny slipped out the door.

Friday took forever to end. Bette must have looked at the clock twenty times between 4 and 5pm. It was a military weekend, and she was expected to attend a formal dinner. Best part though was that Declan was attending as well. Once the clock chimed 5pm, she was out of the office and upstairs to dress. Dinner was at 6pm. She dressed, did her makeup and styled her hair in record time. She was in the hall when Declan arrived.

“Ah Bette! It’s so good to see you!” He grasped both of her hands and gave her a chaste kiss.

“I’ve missed you something fierce.”

“As I’ve you. Mustn’t shock the staff though.” He winked. “After this evening’s entertainment we shall have time to ourselves. James has promised.”

Bette smiled.

Dinner was a long drawn out affair. Bette swore Lord Duncan extended the evening on purpose, just to frustrate her. Eight courses instead of the usual four. Cigars and port for the men and sherry for the women in the library. It was nearly 11pm before everyone said their good nights.

“Declan, do you have a private room?” Bette asked as they stood in the hall.

“No. I’m sharing it with Timothy.”

“I’m stuck up in the women’s hall. No men allowed. Where can we go for a bit of privacy?”

“Let me think.” His face lit up. “Go change and meet me by the back door in ten minutes.” He gave her a kiss and then they parted.

Bette dressed in a wooly jumper, a skirt, stockings and her walking shoes. She grabbed her waterproof and headed downstairs. Declan was standing next to the door with a torch in hand. He smiled, grabbed her hand and the two of them headed down the paths to the far corner of the garden. It took her a moment to realize that he was headed to the folly.

“Declan, are we allowed?”

“Yes. James said it was about the only private place tonight. Everyone is doubled up.” He had her hold the torch as used the key and opened the door. They stepped inside and Declan closed and locked the door. It took a moment to light the lamps, but then Bette looked around in amazement. The floors were covered with Turkish rugs and while some areas were open, others were piled high with cushions of various shapes. Then she turned and got a good look at the object that she’d seen through the door that night.

“What is this?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes, Declan. I saw a woman tied to it being spanked one night.”

“Ah. Then you know about James’ kinky friends.”

“A bit, yes.”

“Well, a couple of hundred years ago, James’ family were a kinky bunch, and this was their playroom. That ‘altar’ there is for strapping people to so that they can be fucked or spanked.”


“What do you think of James, now that you know?” Declan asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I thought it was a bit odd at first, but then, well… Jenny and I talked, and I realized that it was weird, but it’s like my aunt eating haggis. I don’t like it, but she loves the stuff. It’s a taste that some people have and others don’t.”

“Indeed. Now, have you missed me?” Declan kissed her neck and nibbled her.

“Yes! Oh the dreams I’ve had. I want you something fierce.”
“You do?”

“Yes!” She walked over to some of the cushions, found a comfortable spot and sat. “Come here and hold me.”

“Just hold you?” he teased.

She threw her waterproof at him.

Flash Fiction Friday Desperation!


The office party had been great. Sally and Greg had found a couch to fuck on. Soft leather. They must have screwed for an hour. Doggy style, split peach, 69, and half a dozen others. Then they fell asleep.

Sally woke up, disoriented. The room smelled of hot sweaty sex. Greg snored, curled up on one side of the couch. “Oh damn! Still at the office.” She got up, stretched and found her panties. Then her heels. Before she could get dressed any farther, she realized that she needed a bathroom. She opened the office door, and then started down the dark deserted hall.

“Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Gotta pee!” She ran down the hall, desperate for a bathroom. She pushed on the Women’s. Nothing. Locked. “Damn!” She turned and hit the Men’s. It was open. The stall was out of order. She looked at the urinals with panic.

Then she remembered her girlfriend’s party trick. She pulled down her panties, spread her legs and pulled up on her pussy lips as she arched forward. The stream of pee arched out and up. “Ah, sweet relief!”

As Sally pulled up her panties and turned to leave, she discovered that Greg was standing in the doorway.

“That was damn sexy.”

“I… um… had to go and the Women’s was locked.” She tried to act nonchalant.

“Ah. How about a kiss and then you show me how you did that.”



Gahh! Don’t have time for a better story! I’m off to the Big City and a work conference! Hope you enjoyed my wee story. Our lovely perverted host gave us this challenge:

Key Words – Relief

Word Limit – 239

Forbidden words – unbeknownst, twitterpated. scullery

Bonus words – 25 points if there is a crowd cheering outside the room

Extra Credit – have you, would could you, in a stall?

As for would I, could I? In a stall? NO. Trains, tents, woods, kitchens, but not bogs!

Twisted Delights (9)

Two weeks passed, and it was a ‘family weekend’. Bette had enjoyed a long telephone chat with Declan who was still out of the country. When she’d finished, she wandered down to the library to find a book.

“Miss Evans?”

Bette looked up from her book to see a tall young man standing in the doorway. “Yes?”

“Lord Duncan requests your presence.” He waited for her and the two of them walked upstairs and then down a long hallway. As the approached the orange painted door, she hesitated.

“I’m not allowed through those doors.”

“Miss Evans, Lord Duncan requested you. It is with his permission.”

She looked at the young man and then sighed. “Alright. Lead on.”

He opened the door and led the way down a dimly lit hall. Noises floated out from various rooms, but Bette tried to keep looking straight ahead. Finally the young man stopped in front of a door. “Wait here please.”

Bette stood waiting, trying not to figure out what the noises were. The young man appeared again with a strip of black cloth in his hands. “Lord Duncan needs you inside, but if you’d like a blindfold, he sent one out.”


“Yes ma’am. There are some naked people inside, and he didn’t want to offend you, but he needs your ears and memory.”

Bette took a deep breath. “Alright, put it on.” She stood still while the blindfold was settled over her eyes. Then the young man took her arm and led her into the room and helped her sit down on a chair.

“Ah Miss Evans. Thank you for coming so quickly. Please listen to the conversation and remember the vital points.”

“Yes sir.” She put her mind into the mode she used during dictations and began to listen.

An hour later, she was dismissed with the request to write down what she remembered. It had been the strangest conversation. Almost like a confession. A man was talking in between being hit or whipped. At another point, she could have sworn that he’d been sexually pleasured somehow as he gasped like Declan did when he came during sex. She typed up the document and then placed it in a folder on Lord Duncan’s desk. She then did her best to forget what had been said.

This kind of thing happened twice more that weekend. Each time, she was blindfolded. After the last one, she stopped Lord Duncan in the hall after dinner that night.

“Sir, why do you have me transcribe those um… conversations?”

“Come into my office.” He turned and lead the way. When the door was closed, he leaned against his desk. “Those are interrogations of a very special kind.”

“Interrogations? Sir, shouldn’t those be done somewhere else?”

“No, they are done here. Those men are undercover operatives, and often they are under such stress, that this method is the only way to help them. Others, because of their nature, need pain to release and let go. I provide this service.”

Bette nodded, but was still curious. “Why is it that beating someone helps? Or having sex?”

Lord Duncan smiled. “Ah, you figured out what was going on, without seeing it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, the mind is a very strange thing, and sometimes such extremes helps the blockages dissolve. If one is always in control, they often need a way to relax. To not be in control. For others, they want or need the pain. And often, sex is a very good lubricant for the mind to relax.” he smiled as he said that last bit.

Bette blushed.

She was dreaming of Declan tying her to the bed and spanking her bottom when there was a knock on her door. “Yes?” she answered sleepily.

“Miss Evans, you’re needed.”

Bette realized it was Timothy, Lord Duncan’s batsman. She grabbed her robe and stepped into her slippers. “What now?” she asked as she opened her door.

“His Lordship needs you.”

She followed, and once more headed up to the part of the house she heard called the dungeon. Bette was rather surprised when Lord Duncan greeted her at the door and brought her inside before a blindfold could be offered.

“Sit here and listen.”

“But sir…”

“Just listen to the young women.”

She closed her eyes, as she really didn’t want to stare at the shirtless man in the room, or the two women kneeling across from her. This time though, the sounds were too much to ignore and she opened her eyes. Bette watched as the women were spanked one at a time. She listened as well, but she had to remind herself to do so as the handling of the women affected her concentration. Then a woman in a domino mask and a most reveling outfit walked in. She too spanked the women, and they seemed to talk even more openly than when the man had done so.

What amazed her was the wanton behavior of the women. How they rubbed their thighs together or arched their backs to display nipples hard and taunt. The scent of sex in the room was present even though there had been no sex. Finally, the women were taken away, and Bette sent off to write down what she had heard.

Bette had just left the office when she met Lord Duncan in the hall. “Sir?”

“Yes, Bette?”

“Why no blindfold this time?”

“I didn’t think it necessary.”


“Were you offended by what you saw?”

“No sir.”

“How did it make you feel?”

Bette blushed. Her panties were still damp, over an hour after leaving the room, and she didn’t understand why she’d become so turned on in the first place. “I… um.. sir,”

“Were you aroused, Bette?”

She blushed again and nodded.

“Very normal my dear. Very normal. Remember, people do this for pleasure as well as interrogations. It is a sexual trigger, and some find it very nice.” He smiled and then left.

Bette headed for bed and hoped she’d fall asleep before her alarm went off.

Twisted Delights (8)

She reached the kitchen door, soaked. Shivering as much from what she had see as from the cold, she tried to shake off her umbrella.

“Here, give me that for you poke an eye out.”

Bette gave the umbrella to Mrs. Hughes.

“Now go sit by that fire and warm up. I’ll bring you a cuppa.” Mrs. Hughes directed Bette to the ‘parlour’ where the maids sat mending clothes or reading by the fire. Bette sat in a chair next to the fire and thanked Mrs. Hughes when the tea came.

“You look as if you’d seen a ghost.”

Bette blinked. How could she mention what she had seen? She just shook her head. “Just the rain. Took me by surprise.”

“Ah. Geoff drop you off by the house?”

“No, the stables. I got a little lost.”

Mrs. Hughes nodded. “Be a good girl and stay away from that end of the garden.”

Bette nodded and sipped her tea as her clothes steamed in the heat.

Bette was half asleep when someone knocked on her door. “Just a moment.” She put on her bathrobe and went to answer the door. She opened it to see Betsy standing there. “What do you need Betsy?”

“Put your slippers on and come down to Lord Duncan’s office right now.”

Bette put her slippers on and followed Betsy down the stairs. When they got to the office, Betsy knocked and then left as Lord Duncan called from inside. Bette entered and found Lord Duncan wrapped in a bathrobe behind his desk.

“Stand there Miss Evans.” His voice was brisk.

“Sir? What’s the matter?”

“What were you doing out in the garden this afternoon?”

“Geoff left me off in the stables and I was trying to get back to the house when the rain started.”

“Yes? What made you stop next to the folly?”

Bette blinked. “I… I heard a noise. Laughter then a cry. I was afraid that someone was hurt, so I went towards the door.”

“What did you see. Details.” His voice was sharp, but his tone was similar to when he asked her to observe people at the dinner.

Bette took a deep breath. “I saw naked men and women. One woman was bent over a large white stone and one man was beating her with what I think was a whip. Another woman was on her knees, and I believe she was sucking…” she faltered for a moment.


Bette went bright red. “I saw her sucking your cock.”

“Anything else?”

“No sir! I realized that I shouldn’t have seen that or been there and ran for the house.”

“Did you say anything about what you saw to anyone?”

“No sir.”

Lord Duncan nodded. “Sit please.”

Bette sat in one of the leather chairs in front of the desk.

“Now, what did you think of what you saw. Analyze it.”

“Well, it was what I think my mum would call kinky sex.”

He nodded. “And what did you think of what you saw?”

Bette blushed red once more. “I… um… It… made me curious.”

“Curious? Explain.”

“It made me wonder if they, you were enjoying yourselves, and then it made me wish Declan were here.”


“Well sir, I… I could ask him questions. Ask if that was normal.”

“Did it arouse you sexually?”

Bette didn’t think she could blush any harder, but she did. She couldn’t speak, but she nodded her head.

“Bette, look at me.”

Bette raised her head to meet his eyes.

“Yes, we enjoy it. It is just another form of pleasure. It can be considered kinky sex. It is consensual. Do you have any question?”

Bette blinked. She thought. “Are you going to fire me sir? Because I saw things I shouldn’t have?”

Lord Duncan smiled. “Do you want to be fired?”

“No sir! I like my job!”

“Can you hold your tongue? Not talk about what you’ve seen?
“Yes sir and no, I won’t talk.”

“Then I see no problem with continuing your employment. In fact, there are aspects of our weekend parties that your secretarial talents may be of use. Would you consent to helping me if I needed your assistance?”

Bette thought again. “Yyes sir.”

“Then back to bed!”

Bette left the room as fast as she could.

James smiled. He’d hoped that his gambit would work out. It had been bloody cold with the door open, but worth the look on Bette’s face. He’d call Declan in the morning. Right now, Marta was waiting in his bed.

Bette had laid awake for what seemed like hours after talking to Lord Duncan. She’d had sex with Declan a few times, but missionary, and not much else. She’d never seen anything like that before. She imagined it was her on her knees in front of Declan, or her bent over being spanked as she fell asleep.