Flash Fiction Friday… Lost in Paris

Everything was lost in the confusion. Montreau had bet everything on their new condom. New latex, new lube and the real twist, a pheromone. Better than Viagra or Provestra. A micro-gram would provide hours of sexual delights. Their first market was Paris. The billboards with their straight forward ads went up at midnight. Montreau’s marketing arm asked for and received permission to ‘dust’ the bus shelter ads with the pheromone. When the sun hit the bus shelters the pheromones began to waft in the breeze.

Pharmacies found people lined up at the door to buy the Fallux brand condoms. By noon every last one had been bought. Shops had to call the Gendarmes to protect their properties. However, there were no riots in the streets. Everyone was too busy fucking.

As evening fell, the streets of Paris were oddly quiet. The chemist from Montreau smiled as he looked out his window. While traffic was nearly non-existent, people were everywhere engaged in sex. Clusters of them could be found around bus shelters. One couple were fucking in the middle of the street, while not more than a meter away, another couple was going at it against a car. Others around them were participating in the biggest open air orgy ever seen.

Jacques the chemist chuckled. That frigid bitch he had to acknowledge as CEO was down there amidst the rest of them. She was holding onto an iron fence with her blouse torn open and her skirt around her hips as the head of accounting licked her pussy. She was screaming her orgasms almost as loudly as she had yelled at Jacques the day he’d suggested the pheromones. She’d derided his idea. Said he was a fool and that it would never work. He’d held his temper long enough to bet her his job against the new condom’s success. Jacques photographed her from his window. There was no way she’d be able to deny that she’d lost that bet.

He’d won. As the sales figures rolled in, he ordered two more products to start production. A morning after pill, and a pregnancy test.

When I first saw this picture I was lost! I didn’t know where to start, and then I took a good look at the advert. Boom! I had it. Mad scientist gets revenge… At that point, I knew it had to be Paris. We’ve all read Sci-Fi stories where the army or military put something in the water to change people. When I showed the pic to Wolf, his first words were “Viagra in the Water” and smiled. My mind ran away with it and next thing I knew, I’d hit the word limit. I hope you enjoy my crazy slant on this picture. Thank you Lexi and thank you Panser!

Panser, our intrepid host gave us a challenge of 150-354 words and the word lost for our FFF challenge this week. If you’d like to play, stop by his blog on Mondays and see what’s happening.

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Lost in Paris

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  1. For some of the FFF people… I am still unable to post on some blogs. I do not know why. However…
    Tame- loved the FFF play. That was great and I hope to see you here again.
    France- Delightful.
    Robert-loved the idea of the scientists going at it in the lab
    Max- A delightful twist and I loved how his post coital bliss overshadowed everything.

  2. So, where can I get some of these condoms, huh, huh? And will they be making any other form of this pheromone for those of us who prefer to bare-back it? Tell me! Tell me now!

    Sorry, got carried away in your story there. If Jacques is looking for test subjects… 😉

    1. ROFLOL! You know Lexi, I think that there are a few of us that would volunteer. In the late ’80’s, some perfume companies played with pheromones in their products. It didn’t work very well though. Oh well…

  3. There was no way she’d be able to deny that she’d lost that bet.

    I loved the idea behind this story, and as the revenge angle clarified, I thought it was genius. An excellent read.

  4. Heh – reads like a humorous version of ‘Shivers’ to me, I still think it’s a shame that David cronenberg never made an out-and-out porn movie (as he was set to do at one point). Regarding the pic, I’m not sure about the precise logistics of doing it on a wheelie-bin (although I have met a couple who claimed to have done it atop an ordinary dustbin…)

    1. LOL! I agree that the wheelie bin would be a challenge. However, I know a couple who did it on a tea trolley, so apparently wheels are not as much of an impediment as one might think.

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