Flash Fiction Friday Flights of Fancy


Coffee, tea or Me?” Ben thought as he saw Vera. He smiled. “New uniform?”

“Well, I thought I’d wear something besides the standard pilots uniform. Yet, I couldn’t make up my mind.” She sauntered towards him, the bikini bottom barely covering her mound.

“I… um, what do you have?” Ben swallowed, his cock surging to life beneath his trousers.

“I have a nice jump suit. It cups my ass, and hides my legs.” She cupped her ass with her hands and bent over to demonstrate.

“Oh.” Ben thought of ice water, cold showers, his 5th grade teacher. It wasn’t helping. His cock grew stiffer.

“Or, I could wear a slinky little black number I got down in Rio.” She picked up a dress from the seat, and held it in front of her. It was black lace with denser material across her breast and loins. It was low cut at the neck and very short.

“Umm, that’s nice.” Ben pulled at his tie and shirt collar. His cock was straining against his zipper.

“Then again, I could wear this.” Vera held up an ivory halter top dress, that would barely cover her ass. It looked more like pool side wear than a dress.

Ben groaned. A damp spot appeared on his trousers. “Wwhat would the FFA say?”

Vera walked over to him, knelt, and undid his trousers. They fell to the floor, followed by his boxers. Her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking and licking it.

“Oh, oh damn.” Ben’s hips rocked as she sucked him off. Her hands gripped his ass, as she gave him the blow job of his life. His hand buried itself in her hair as he steadied himself. Her tongue flicked as she sucked. Then one hand cupped his balls while the other traced down his ass.

A strangled cry issued from his mouth as his balls tightened and the orgasm ripped through him. “Aaahh!”

Vera sucked him clean and then stood up. “Well? Which outfit?”

“The black one if we could do all this again later.”

“Of course. It’s all part of the service.


Not sure why, but I had World Cup Soccer on the brain. As it was obviously a private plane, I figured that I’d make sure that the pilot had everything well in hand. Oh, and as she was the pilot, I took the extra 50.

Advizor’s challenge was:

Key Words: FAA (or local equivalent), Service

Word Limit: 300

Forbidden Words: Flight, Mile High Club

Extra Credit: Add an element of Truth

Bonus Words: 50 if she’s not a stewardess

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Flights of Fancy

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  1. Thats it i have been reading you to long, when i checked advizors prompt this week i was thinking of a pilot with NWA(naked women airlines)
    Do you think i can convince folk i was a sweet innocent wee thingbefore i read you;-)

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