Stormy Sex


The clouds rolled in, grew dark and began to spit rain. Lightning flickered in the clouds. Lynne and Quin watched the storm for a few minutes as they relaxed in bed. The breeze tickled Lynne’s nipples and made them crinkle up.

“Hmmm, maybe I should warm you up.”


Quin wrapped his lips around her nipple and alternated between sucking and biting.

“Oh! Oh!” she gasped.

He laughed a throaty chuckle and moved one hand down her belly until he could stroke her clit. Held ‘in place’ by his teeth on her nipple, she tried to squirm, but couldn’t. If she orgasmed, he might bite harder. She finally wriggled around enough to grasp Quin’s cock. It was his turn to gasp. He let go of her nipple and concentrated on fingering her clit and pussy.

Lynne ached to come, but every time she got close, Quin backed off. Finally, she moved around and sucked his cock deep into her mouth.

“Ddddamn,” he gasped. It took him a moment to claw his way back to enough control to continue playing with her. It didn’t take long for him to bring her to a gasping, arching orgasm. As she sat up, and let go of his cock, he turned and pulled her to him. She straddled him and his cock slid into her damp pussy just as a flash of lightning lit the room.

“Oh wow…”

“Cock or lightning?” he asked as he thrust upward and pulled her tight to him.


He laughed. Thunder rumbled.


As they rocked back and forth, thunder and lightning increased. Flashes lit the sky and thunder rattled the windows. The storm was building right along with their own pleasure. Lynne bounced, holding her breasts as Quin grasped her hips tighter as he thrust upward in time with her. She could feel her pleasure build and Quin’s. It was like a heat building up, and she knew he was about to spill over. Tightening her inner muscles, she pushed his senses over the edge.

“Aaaagh!” he cried out as a blinding flash of lightning lit the sky.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhmy!” Lynne cried out a few seconds later followed by the loudest thunderclap of the storm. It was a deafening noise that rattled the windows. More lightning and thunder lit the sky and rumbled as the two of them twitched and orgasmed.

Lynne collapsed to one side, with a silly grin on her face. The two of them laid there and watched the storm. “Do you think we needed that?”

“Oh yeah!” Then he started laughing.


“I think Thor thought we needed that too.” He kept on giggling until Lynne was laughing too.

“I want to test a theory.”


Quin leaned over and began to tease her clit. He brought her to the brink of orgasm three times before she finally burst. A flash of lighting accompanied her. The thunder almost drown out her cries of pleasure. Quin did it again with the same results.

“I love you, you bastard,” she gasped after the third orgasm.

“I know.”

They curled up under the covers and watched the storm until they both fell asleep.


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  1. Ah the memories love and war. Maaking love in the hilltop house the storm breaking directly overhead sothat the thunder didnt rumble but assaulted our ears in a single explosive crack while lightening danced pn the dark waters of scapa flow.

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